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Emmett Till’s Mother; Good Model For Connecticut Mothers of Shooting Victims

Emmett Till, killed in 1955 I have to think of the poor mothers and fathers of the children killed in Connecticut’s school shootings two weeks ago. What a sad holiday it is for all of us, but especially for these families. I hope and pray that at least one of the mothers will show the […]

The Shocking Truth About Guns and Civil Rights

[Note: As a researcher and writer of Mississippi modern civil rights, I still hear people, including news commentators and some historians, assert that this movement was nonviolent, and that guns were not part of it, except for Klansmen and other white racists. In fact, because of the KKK and Citizens Councils (with members such as […]

Four Friend Stood Up by Sitting Down: The Story of the Sit-Ins of the Civil Rights Movement

Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down – The most popular videos are here True story of four African American college students who went into a Woolworth’s store and sat down at the lunch counter. They were practicing Dr. Martin Luther King’s concept of nonviolence. Authors interviewed people who marched, participated in sit-ins […]