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Bob Dylan, King of Folk, and Death of Emmett Till

The King of Folk, Bob Dylan (The Death of Emmett Till) The Death of Emmett Till. — Have you ever wondered what or who inspired Bob Dylan to write his song about Emmett Till? A friend, Jay  Mattsson of Fairfield, Iowa just sent me this post… Apparently Suze Rotolo, his girlfriend, told Dylan about the brutal […]

Goin’ Where the Southern Cross the Dog — Mississippi Delta Blues


Where Southern Cross the Yellow Dog…Blues Photo by Susan Klopfer I actually found this famous Mississippi Delta Blues spot one day while driving around the Mississippi Delta doing research for my book, WhereRebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited. The story goes that bandleader W. C. Handy was waiting for a train at the Tutwiler railway […]

Ever Hear of the Mississippi Delta Blues?


Clarksdale, Mississippi Delta Blues Mural (Photo by Susan Klopfer) Ever hear of the Mississippi Delta Blues? I hadn’t, until I moved to the Delta several years ago. This mural appears in the town of Clarksdale today, reminiscent of the town’s early blues and civil rights history. One of my favorite Clarksdale residents was not a […]