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History Colonia Dignidad: American Assassin Michael Townley Worked in Chile for DINE


Michael Townley (Google images) An American assassin, the son of an automotive executive living in Santiago, Chile, designed the torture chamber for Colonia Dignidad. Michael Townley, now in witness protection somewhere in the U.S., was connected with  the CIA. You can read more about him, here — and I will be posting more about him […]

Grim History Colonia Dignidad–Are You Ready for the Movie Colonia, Starring Emma Watson?


Note: Colonia is an upcoming thriller directed by Oscar-winner Florian Gallenberger (which he co-wrote with Torsten Wenzel). The film, based on torture colony Colonia Dignidad, and starring Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl and Michael Nyqvist, is based on true events set in 1973 in Chile, about a German woman who was kidnapped by General Augusto Pinochet’s secret police, DINA, while searching for her husband. Principal photography began on October 2, […]

Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Film On The Way

Polka Dots and the Assassination of Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Entertainment News To Be Released: April 16, 2012 Temple, TX USA Contact:Gary Revel, email; Special Investigator Gary Revel reflects on the polka dots and the RFK assassination as he pursues making a movie to expose the deadly killers behind the killing. Gary Revel (Temple, […]

Could the plight of women ‘back then’ be a sign of things to come? (A review of The Help and more civil rights discourse)

My Mother’s Witness The Peggy Morgan Story Carolyn Haines River City Publishing 2003 Have I read The Help or seen the movie, yet? My mother’s enthusiasm was all over the place when she asked me this question. At 94, she had just seen the movie; a group from the Episcopal Church went together for the […]

Still another new documentary film on Emmett Till

As more and more people are finally learning about the murder of Emmett Till, I was still urprised to read about a new documentary film entitled “Dar He: The Lynching of Emmett Till” that made its world premiere Feb. 17 at the 20th Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, Calif.  Coming up is the North Carolina premiere […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Will Hollywood turn an Emmett Till book into a movie?

Why is it important to know the story of Emmett Till? Especially in the North, I have found that still too few people know this history (one civil rights “author” from Santa Fe, New Mexico chided me recently for writing about Till and this event. “You are just trying to drum up publicity,” he said. […]

Hollywood can still redeem itself (from The Help), by teaching diversity and tolerance through true historical movies on the civil rights movement

Oprah! And Steven Spielberg! If you are out there in social media land, please drop by and read this blog (and facebook) post. So here is my question: How are children supposed to learn not to be racist when adults all around them – on television, radio and particularly in person are making bigoted remarks? […]

A Real Civil Rights Veteran Shares Her Review of The Help – The Joyce Ladner Report


No thanks Kathryn Stockett, I don’t want to be “The Help” (Joyce Ladner) “God forbid that a black maid who cooks their food would ever be allowed to use the same toilet the white people use. I guess this explains the fixation segregationists had with toilets…. for in so many public places there were four. […]

Will John Grisham Please Write EVEN MORE About Emmett Till, Cleve McDowell, James Eastland and Other Mississippi Madness?

Josh Lucas plays The Firm’s Mitch McDeere. I don’t know if I can stand the wait! This Sunday is the two-hour premiere of John Grisham’s new television series on NBC. Sometime back, I wrote the following blog post — begging Grisham to write a book about Emmett Till, a book that would be made into […]