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New Book “Sucks the Romance” Out of the Mississippi River


Not too long ago, this review of a Mississippi River book got my attention: Admit it: At some point in your life you got a little misty-eyed over the Mississippi River. Maybe it was your first trip to its shores, maybe it was a youthful infatuation with Mark Twain. Maybe you just really love floating, […]

Take a Delta Blues Trip to “Where the Blues Began”


Rosedale Juke, photo by Susan Klopfer I stroke it to the North, I stroke it to the South… (Clarence Carter) “Junior” is a cultural anthropologist who lives in the Mississippi Delta, Louisiana side, and spends lots of time in Delta juke joints. His popular link allows blues lovers to take a trip inside the places […]

Mississippi flooding, continued violence and government failure disrupt the Delta; scientists, theologians, journalists, Communists try to help

Mississippi River at Friars Point, one of Mississippi’s oldest communities. Photo by Susan Klopfer In observance of the 54th anniversary of the murder of Emmett Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955), I am blogging my new book, Who Killed Emmett Till? Your comments and feedback are appreciated and I hope for the entire […]