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George Zimmerman Waives Rights to Pretrial ‘Stand Your Ground’ Immunity: Why?

Did you catch this news? Zimmerman, sworn in MIAMI — With a softly spoken, “Yes, Your Honor,” George Zimmerman officially waived his right to a pretrial “Stand Your Ground” immunity hearing on Tuesday, choosing instead to lay out his self-defense case before a jury. Reported by The New York Times — What do you think? 

The Word Is Out: Pressure Mountain Dew, Emmett Till Kin Tells The World

Sharing thoughts on L’il Wayne and my new book, The Plan, set for May publication The family of Emmett Till simply wanted an apology from Lil Wayne after a song lyric offensively referenced  their kin’s name. On the unreleased remix of Future’s “Karate Chop,” Wayne rapped, “”beat the p—y up like Emmett Till.”  The family of […]