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Emmett Till FAQ: Questions and Answers Offered by Civil Rights Author Susan Klopfer

Share| What to know about Emmett Till — why he was killed and why we’re still talking about this crime that took place in 1955 … By Susan Klopfer, author The Emmett Till Book, Who Killed Emmett Till, Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited AS WE COME UPON the 60th anniversary of the lynching […]

50 Years Ago Today in Birmingham, AL Negotiations Begin Ending Jim Crow: Update

Freedom LiftedNews Release Civil Rights Spotlight:  Birmingham, AL Birmingham, Alabama was the site of some the Civil Rights Era’s most iconic and most contentious struggles. In the early 1960s, Birmingham was one of the most segregated cities in the country. Black citizens faced economic exploitation, political repression, and violence. Between 1948 and 1957, there were 48 […]

Film Maker Still Asking Who Killed Dr. Martin Luther King; Story Remains Filled With Intrigue


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (EDITOR’S NOTE: The affair of Jules Rocco Kimble illustrates how government pressure has induced potential witnesses to slip from Garrison’s grasp. A self-avowed member of the Ku Klux Klan who got in trouble over bombings in Baton Rouge, Kimble approached the DA’s men in the apparent hope of gaining mitigation. He said that on […]

Civil Rights Author Releases Autopsy of Mississippi Lawyer; Death of Cleve McDowell ‘Still a Mystery’

For Immediate Release Susan Klopfer Civil Rights Author, Speaker Mississippi Civil Rights Author Releases Autopsy of Delta Lawyer Murdered in 1997; Report Found in Sunflower County Courthouse Basement ‘Leaves Open Questions About What Really Happened to Cleve McDowell’ (Gallup, NM) – A controversial autopsy of a civil rights lawyer murdered in 1997 has been […]

New Alabama Civil Rights eBook: Tales From The Troubled South

(photo of cover to come) Tales from the Troubled South: Civil Rights in AlabamaEbook By Catherine Jaime$2.99 Rating: Not yet rated. Published: Feb. 17, 2011 Category: Non-Fiction » History » AmericanWords: 6489 (approximate)Language: English Ebook Short DescriptionThis book introduces you to the highlights of the Civil Rights Movement across the state of Alabama: The Montgomery […]

Black Civil Rights Activist ‘Murdered by Castro Regime’

On Feb 23th Black Human Rights activist Orlando Zapata-Tamayo died after an 83 day hunger strike and a series of savage beatings by his Castroite jailer/torturers. “Tamayo, a humble rural plumber and bricklayer, had studied the (smuggled) works of Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi and had attempted some “civil disobedience” to protest the Stalinism […]

FBI Won’t Open Case Files; Assassination Records of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Still Suppressed

And these are the people who are “solving” the civil rights cold cases? Nearly half a century after the height of the civil rights movement, hundreds of thousands of pages of government files about the volatile era remain shielded from the American public, buried in FBI field office cabinets, blocked by resistant bureaucracies, or available […]

Remembering Martin Luther King; Sam Block, Voting Rights Pioneer

Sam Block, third from right (tan overcoat), was a modern civil rights movement pioneer who was inspired by Dr. King. On Monday, January 18th, 2010, our nation will commemorate the life and work of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Over 40 years ago, Dr. King’s words inspired Rep. John Lewis to join the civil rights […]

New Book: Who Killed Emmett Till?

New Book Announcement Who Killed Emmett Till? By Susan Klopfer A Blogged Book Dedicated To Eight Mississippi Delta Civil Rights Martyrs — Joe Pullen, Rev. George Lee, Lamar Smith, Emmett Till, Birdia Keglar, Adlena Hamlett, Jo Etha Collier and Cleveland McDowell. And Written For My Granddaughter, Grace Klopfer Smashwords Edition 1.0, Jan. 1, 2010 Editor: […]