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Dr. John Salter is Alive and Well in Idaho! (So Kiss Off, Mississippi!)

Dr. John Salter, Jr., Tougaloo College sociologist and civil rights leader, is harassed at a lunch counter in Jackson, Mississippi during an organized sit-in. SINCE STARTING WORK on my new historical fiction novel on the Mississippi Delta and the modern civil rights movement (The Plan” A Novel), I have been sorting through old notes and papers I […]

Four Friend Stood Up by Sitting Down: The Story of the Sit-Ins of the Civil Rights Movement

Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down – The most popular videos are here True story of four African American college students who went into a Woolworth’s store and sat down at the lunch counter. They were practicing Dr. Martin Luther King’s concept of nonviolence. Authors interviewed people who marched, participated in sit-ins […]