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Nothing Has Changed: ‘Scientists’ Refuse to Listen to Valid JFK Story; COPA Loses Face in Battle


Judyth Vary Baker, conspiracy author, and a scientist By Susan Klopfer (Note: Since I first posted this story, COPA has not budged. This usually scientific organization holds by its guns, and won’t let Judyth Vary Baker speak. She has one of the best stories to tell, but the tape stays on her mouth. Baker is […]

Judyth Vary Baker was forced into early retirement from life.


Can you imagine going into hiding as your early retirement plan? Recently I read a great true story about a woman who really hasn’t been allowed to have a typical life — the kind of life where you develop a career, marry and raise a family and then retire with your husband. It started out […]



Share| Summary of The Plan and ISBN Numbers “It’s a murder mystery thriller about… “Two murdered lawyers who knew too much about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a murdered detective who REALLY knew too much about JFK’s assassination, and life in the Mississippi delta, with a quick trip to Ecuador!” Susan Klopfer […]

Women Who Could Tell Us More About JFK Assassination — Perhaps?


Judyth Vary Baker. What did she know? (Editor’s Note: Do you have names to contribute to ths list? Please add your comments. I’VE ADDED MY OWN NAMES, BELOW!)by GLORIA CAMPOSGuest Contributor DALLAS — November 22 will mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. All year long, we’ll be examining that […]

Who was Otto F. Otepka and Why Did Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Keep a File?

Beginning in 1957, Otto F. Otepka served as Deputy Director of the State Department Office of Security. This meant that Otepka was in charge of granting security clearances for all State Department personnel. A cadre of people worked under his supervision. From this position of considerable responsibility, Otepka was plunged into a nightmare universe of […]

Remembering JFK on Nov. 22 – Do you still think Oswald did it? Most people do not…

Remembering President John F. Kennedy Today on  Thanksgiving, I am taking time to reflect back to the fall of 1963 and the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, this country’s first Catholic president.  We simply cannot forget this tragic event. Do you remember where you were when the news came out of Dallas?  I was in an Eastern […]

Novemember Reminds Me of JFK’s Assassination; A Day Too Hard To Forget

Susan Klopfer is the author of Who Killed Emmett Till? and other books on the history of the modern civil rights movement in the Mississippi Delta. Her new book, The Plan, is a historical fiction novel based on the murders of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and other less known civil rights heroes. Readers are taken […]

JFK Assassination Tour: Where Lee Harvey Oswald Was Shot By Jack Ruby

Where the trail ends? Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed as he walked through the area behind the brown doors,across the street.Some believe Jack Ruby was acting strictly out of anger, something for which Ruby was known. Further, Ruby had left his small dogs waiting for him in his car — pets he always […]