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Anne Moody’s Former College Professor Recalls This ‘Gifted Mississippi Activist and Writer’


* * * (Editor’s note: Sociologist John R. Salter, Jr. is a well-known civil rights and labor activist. I am proud to publish this following piece he has written on Anne Moody, his former student at Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi. On a personal note, I never met her, but Moody’s book, Coming of Age in […]

Hunter Bear — Maintaining ‘Normally High’ Optimism: Notes From a Street-Smart Activist


(Editor’s note: Hunter Gray (Hunter Bear, John R. Salter, Jr.) is a well-known and successful civil rights and labor advocate. He is a retired professor who enjoys sharing his stories with those who strive for equality. He recently sent out this note, and has given his permission to share it with others. Be sure to […]

Diversity Essay: Social Thoughts of American Civil Rights Organizer John R. (Salter) Hunter Gray

Editors’ Commentsby Neal McLeod & Rob NestorSaskatchewan Indian Federated College The Journal of Indigenous Thought continues in this issue to document the intellectual, philosophical, religious and narrative traditions of Indigenous people throughout the world. The current issue draws upon the insights of the work of several people, including Dr. Roy Wortman (Kenyon College), Christine Watson […]