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Who Killed Emmett Till? Historical Emmett Till Photos Now on PINTEREST Board

Thank you for dropping by … I have been posting many images relating to Emmett Till’s lynching, an important civil rights event that took place in 1955 in the Mississippi Delta.  This year is the 60th anniversary of this spark that helped drive the modern civil rights movement. You are invited to follow this link to […]


Please Retweet This Post. Thanks, SK Announcing GRINGOLANDIA“Set in a world of South American  gringos, gossipand murder!” Susan Klopfer, author Book II of the Civil Rights Mystery Sleuth Series GRINGOLAND by Susan Klopfer, author of THE PLAN, a novel, and other nonficton books including The Emmett Till Book, Who Killed Emmett Till, Where Rebels Roost, and […]

John Grisham’s New Book Revisits Mississippi; The Land of Emmett Till

NEWS RELEASE (Editor’s Note: This is such good news for avid readers of John Grisham books. It will be hard to wait for this newest novel. Meanwhile, The Plan, is set for June release. More to come. sk) MAY 3, 2013 12:00 PM John Grisham set to release ‘Sycamore Row,’ sequel to ‘A Time to […]

Mississippi trial — back to square-1? (flawed case against Curtis Flowers goes on and on and on…)

A crumbling cover-up: Mississippi prosecutor hides the truth about his star witness Troubled prosecutor Doug Evans By Alan Bean, Friends of Justice If you want to understand just how flawed the case against Curtis Flowers is, consider the state’s failed conspiracy to conceal the sad truth about its star witness. The defense attorneys representing Curtis Flowers have […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Hunter Bear Recalls His Moment When ‘The Devil Himself, Came Riding Down the Draw’

Guest Blog  by Hunter Gray I wrote this short piece a number of years ago. But it’s very durable and the story it tells is forever engraved in the minds of myself and my good spouse, Eldri. There are some very good reasons why I am running it widely at this point.  Among them, we are now into the month […]

McFadden’s ‘Gathering of the Waters’ Takes In-Depth Look at Emmett Till’s Murder


Just another Mississippi County Courthouse Bernice L. McFadden’s new novel, Gathering of Waters, explores the history surrounding the brutal murder of Emmett Till, a major event in Civil Rights history. Rather than sticking close to the events of Till’s death, Gathering of Waters looks at generations before and after Till’s life in Money, Miss. Consider […]

Civil Rights Nonfiction Novel eBook Publication Set For Sept. 1, 2012

For Immediate ReleaseNew eBook AnnouncementContact: Susan New eBook Announcement: Gallup To Mississippi“Attaining true justice often takes longer than expected. In this case, getting there requires a heart-stopping side trip through Washington D.C.’s political killing fields.” Susan Klopfer, author DRIVING ALONE FROM Gallup, New Mexico to Drew, Mississippi takes all but 20 hours, according to […]

Like Killing of Trayvon Martin, 1997 Murder of Cleve McDowell, a lawyer who tried to solve the Emmett Till murder (and others), leaves Forensic Questions Unanswered

Cleve McDowell, left, and his friend, Rev. Jesse Jackson, go out on the campaign trail in the Mississippi Delta — as the cotton dust flies. Jackson, who knew McDowell through the SCLC, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights organization, was helping his friend seek state office.(Note: The March anniversary of Dr. Cleve McDowell, a […]

Will John Grisham Please Write EVEN MORE About Emmett Till, Cleve McDowell, James Eastland and Other Mississippi Madness?

Josh Lucas plays The Firm’s Mitch McDeere. I don’t know if I can stand the wait! This Sunday is the two-hour premiere of John Grisham’s new television series on NBC. Sometime back, I wrote the following blog post — begging Grisham to write a book about Emmett Till, a book that would be made into […]

Keith Beauchamp — Murder He Wrote (Who Killed Emmett Till?)

Keith Beauchamp, Emmett Till filmmaker.Beauchamp’s critical work prompted a new investigation into the Emmet Till murder; his film, “The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till.” (photo by Susan Klopfer)—–I am always surprised when a teacher, anthropologist, history professor, a John Grisham fan (this one always stops me) or some other person who SHOULD know the […]