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Could Oprah Fare Better on Cold Cases Than FBI? Is the Idea Really So Far-Fetched?

Nina Zachery-Black, 73, is sitting home alone today in Minneapolis-St. Paul, admittedly frustrated over the lack of help she’s received from the FBI in trying to find out what happened to her grandmother. Forty-four years ago, Adlena Hamlett and Hamlett’s friend, Birdia Keglar, were both killed after their car was hit head-on by a drunk […]

Civil Rights Cold Cases Dumped by the FBI; Join Me On a Quick Trip to the Delta

Getting ready (packing) for my trip to Mississippi to work on several cold cases that seem to be shunned by the FBI and others. Actually, the FBI has thrown in the towel and apparently won’t be using the $8 million they were awarded to investigate these killings of black people like Birdia Keglar, Adlena Hamlett, […]

Cold Cases: Is Current List Good Enough to Work From? (I Don’t Think So)

Do questions remain about who was involved in the death of Medgar Evers? Was Byron de la Beckwith his true assassin? His only assassin? The only prosecutable person? After listening to stories still traveling through the Mississippi Delta, Evers would be a good name to add to the Cold Case list. President Barack Obama is […]