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Where In The World is Hunter Gray (John Salter)?

A special post by Hunter Gray … 3:45 PM (6 hours ago) Posted widely. I have always believed in hitting issues openly. I posted the following piece, On Being A Militant And Radical Organizer — And An Effective One, almost four months ago.  It’s increasingly obvious that, at the events commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the great Jackson Movement, I will be […]

The Shocking Truth About Guns and Civil Rights

[Note: As a researcher and writer of Mississippi modern civil rights, I still hear people, including news commentators and some historians, assert that this movement was nonviolent, and that guns were not part of it, except for Klansmen and other white racists. In fact, because of the KKK and Citizens Councils (with members such as […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Hunter Bear Recalls His Moment When ‘The Devil Himself, Came Riding Down the Draw’

Guest Blog  by Hunter Gray I wrote this short piece a number of years ago. But it’s very durable and the story it tells is forever engraved in the minds of myself and my good spouse, Eldri. There are some very good reasons why I am running it widely at this point.  Among them, we are now into the month […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Cleveland Donald Jr. Dies; was critical to the Jackson Movement

Just Received this e-mail from Hunter Bear (John Gray – John R. Salter)FEBRUARY 2, 2012 The news of Cleveland Donald, Jr.’s passing comes as a stunning and extremely heavy shock to myself and Eldri. We have corresponded very regularly with Cleveland on a number of social justice matters — including global issues involving people of […]

Civil Rights & Social Justice News: Real Civil Rights History Beats Out “The Help” and Hollywood’s Take on Mississippi

Civil Rights & Social Justice News: Real Civil Rights History Beats Out “The Help” and Hollywood’s Take on Mississippi A true script of what really went on in Mississippi during the modern civil rights era would show, for instance, that professor and social justice advocate John Salter was heavily spied on by the Mississippi Sovereignty […]

Real Civil Rights History Beats Out “The Help” and Hollywood’s Take on Mississippi

Publisher’s Note: Just received this announcement from Hunter Bear, a seasoned Civil Rights Veteran… Hunter Bear, formerly known as John Salter, was THERE when the modern civil rights movement took place in Mississippi. He is a sociologist and the perfect person to write about events that occurred. You will not have a better opportunity to […]

Scott Sisters Update

Message from group aiding the Scott Sisters: The MWM is spearheading a Press Conference on 3/26 outside of the Capitol in Jackson, MS at 12 noon. Details are available by contacting them at 267-636-3802 or e-mail: or Many people in the area are excited and ready for this to happen, so please do […]

Mississippi Lynching Becomes ‘Theatrical Spectacular ‘

In observance of the 54th anniversary of the murder of Emmett Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955), I am blogging my new book, Who Killed Emmett Till?. Your comments and feedback are appreciated and I hope for the entire blog-book to be finished on August. 28, the date of Till’s death. Susan +++ […]

Who Killed President John F. Kennedy? Civil Rights Activists Blamed Segregationists

o Who killed President John F. Kennedy? In Mississippi, members of the Jackson Movement, an organization constantly spied on by the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, put out a report after the death of JFK listing segregationists and “Communist Hate Team” as part of the “long list of murderers.” Here is a link to the Commission’s record […]