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Dr. John Salter is Alive and Well in Idaho! (So Kiss Off, Mississippi!)

Dr. John Salter, Jr., Tougaloo College sociologist and civil rights leader, is harassed at a lunch counter in Jackson, Mississippi during an organized sit-in. SINCE STARTING WORK on my new historical fiction novel on the Mississippi Delta and the modern civil rights movement (The Plan” A Novel), I have been sorting through old notes and papers I […]

From the land of Emmett Till: The Assassination of Medgar Evers; The Jackson Boycott

* * * Mississippi yesterday… History of NAACP state field secretary, Medgar Evers. After working ten years throughout the state for civil and voting rights, aiding Freedom Riders and helping James Meredith enter the University of Mississippi as its first black student, Evers helped organize downtown Jackson boycott and drew anger. Soon after, he was […]