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The Sumner, Mississippi courthouse We’re coming upon the 59th anniversary of the murder of Emmett Till. In observation of this event, I’ve put up the entire audio book of Who Killed Emmett Till? for free download. I invite you to click over and take a look at this blogged book. Lots of fascinating history. Let me know […]

After Emmett Till — Still Another Mississippi Murder in the Delta

Once the J. W. Milam and Roy Bryant trial in Sumner, Mississippi ended for the murder of Emmett Till, less than a month later in the nearby small cotton town of Glendora, a black service station attendant and father of four children was killed by a friend of Milam’s.*****(An excerpt from “Where Rebels Roost, Mississippi […]

Emmett Till Timeline – Winter Months, 1955 – 1957

During December through January, several significant events surrounding the murder of young Emmett Till took place between 1966 through 1957. 1955December 5: One hundred days after Emmett Till’s murder, Rosa Parks hears of Till’s lynching and lack of conviction of his killers. She soon refuses to give up her seat on a city bus, launching the Montgomery, Alabama […]

Devery Anderson, Emmett Till Researcher, Set For Trip to UK To Learn More About Death of Louis Till

Devery Anderson, Emmett Till Researcher A great Internet resource on Emmett Till is provided by researcher Devery Anderson at Anderson, soon to travel to Europe where he will be further investigating the death of Till’s father, Louis, writes: This site is dedicated to a greater understanding of the murder of Emmett Louis Till, and […]

An Interview to Remember or Forget; Mississippi Grad Student Looks For Old Paper He Once Wrote About Roy Bryant

Thirty-seven-year-old Michael Rosa of tiny Itta Bena, Mississippi lost a research paper he wrote as an undergraduate student. “I wish I had been a more serious student, then. I wish I had realized what I’d written and the importance,” he said. Rosa remembers turning in his paper and forgetting about it until this fall, 15 […]