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Leutrell Osborne, ‘Black Man in the CIA’ calls for ‘More Cloak and Less Dagger’


Gary Revel 254 207-0955 JONGLEUR MUSIC PICTURES 1017 N. 3RD STREET TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 Music/Movies/Books CIA agent offers advice Leutrell Osborne, ‘Black Man in the CIA’ calls for ‘More Cloak and Less Dagger’ Leutrell Mike Osborne, Sr. the author of the “Black Man In The CIA” (BMCIA), said that the recent statements by President Barack […]

Still another new documentary film on Emmett Till

As more and more people are finally learning about the murder of Emmett Till, I was still urprised to read about a new documentary film entitled “Dar He: The Lynching of Emmett Till” that made its world premiere Feb. 17 at the 20th Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, Calif.  Coming up is the North Carolina premiere […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Will Hollywood turn an Emmett Till book into a movie?

Why is it important to know the story of Emmett Till? Especially in the North, I have found that still too few people know this history (one civil rights “author” from Santa Fe, New Mexico chided me recently for writing about Till and this event. “You are just trying to drum up publicity,” he said. […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Black History Month a Time to be Aware of Continuing Racism and Stereotypes

A colorblind society would not have more segregation in schools today than ever before in our history. A colorblind society wouldn’t foster a prison industrial complex and incarcerate people disproportionately by race–and have highest incarceration rate per thousand in the world, even surpassing the former record in the Soviet Union. A colorblind society would have […]

Hollywood can still redeem itself (from The Help), by teaching diversity and tolerance through true historical movies on the civil rights movement

Oprah! And Steven Spielberg! If you are out there in social media land, please drop by and read this blog (and facebook) post. So here is my question: How are children supposed to learn not to be racist when adults all around them – on television, radio and particularly in person are making bigoted remarks? […]

A Real Civil Rights Veteran Shares Her Review of The Help – The Joyce Ladner Report


No thanks Kathryn Stockett, I don’t want to be “The Help” (Joyce Ladner) “God forbid that a black maid who cooks their food would ever be allowed to use the same toilet the white people use. I guess this explains the fixation segregationists had with toilets…. for in so many public places there were four. […]