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Trail Marker Dedicated to Emmett Till at Bryant Grocery in Money

Leslie Burl McLemore (second from left), director of the Fannie Lou Hamer National Institute on Citizenship and Democracy, stands in front of a marker commemorating Emmett Till after its unveiling Wednesday in Money. / AP PhotoIt was an astounding Mississippi event that almost slipped by … The first marker on the Mississippi Freedom Trail was […]

Who Killed Emmett Till? Free download

I moved to the Mississippi Delta in 2003 as the Emmett Till cold case was opened. Living on the grounds of Parchman Penitentiary, a notorious compound with a fascinating history, gave me a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at this civil rights ground-breaking event and to meet some of the people who still […]

Friends of Justice Special Report: Governor Barbour Suspends Scott Sisters Sentences

Dr. Alan Bean of the Friends of Justice reports that Governor Hailey Barbour has suspended the sentences of Gladys and Jamie Scott. As the announcement appears below indicates, this was a political compromise. According to the governor’s announcement, “The Mississippi Parole Board reviewed the sisters’ request for a pardon and recommended that I neither pardon […]

Haley Barbour’s Yazoo City Also Home To Mississippi’s Most Prominent Lawyer, John Satterfield, Nationally Known Segregationist and Twice President of American Bar Association

John Satterfield Also Prominent in Citizens Councils Legal Wizardry By Susan Klopfer If Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour has some explaining to do over Mississippi’s racist past, one of Barbour’s fellow Yazoo City Rotarians, John Satterfield, would also have the same problem – except that he’s dead, so maybe the American Bar Association could enlighten us. The assassination […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Citizens Councils Played Critical Role in Mississippi’s Racist Culture

Part II: Mississippi’s Citizens Councils Pick up Warp Speed By Susan Klopfer Excerpted from Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited (Klopfer, 2005) After Brown v. Board of Education, Mississippi picked up a new holiday – “Black Monday.” Judge Thomas Pickens Brady (pronounced Braddie, as it used to be spelled) fanned segregation flames by substituting […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: The Delta’s White Citizens Councils Still Bring Controversey

White Citizens Councils Filled With Good Guys? If He Really Thinks So, Gov. Haley Barbour Could Use a Mississippi History Lesson By Susan Klopfer, author Who Killed Emmett Till and Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited Now Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour asks us to see history through his eyes. Recently, this governor stated the Citizens Council […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: NYT Columnists Tells Story of The Scott Sisters, Held In MS Prison For Robbery They Didn’t Commit

Op-Ed Columnist‘So Utterly Inhumane’By BOB HERBERTPublished: October 12, 2010 “You have to believe that somebody really had it in for the Scott sisters, Jamie and Gladys. They have always insisted that they had nothing to do with a robbery that occurred near the small town of Forest, Miss., on Christmas Eve in 1993. It was […]

Mississippi Scott Sisters Emergency; Jamie Scott in Crisis, Says Long-time Supporter

Nancy LockhartAugust 23, 2010 at 9:09amSubject: Urgent ~ Please E-mail and Call For Jamie Scott ~ Once Again Jamie Needs Hospitalization (This email just arrived from Nancy Lockhart. Remember these women when Haley Barbour announces his run for the presidency. Susan Klopfer, publisher) Dear Supporters: Jamie was hospitalized this weekend but, is now in the […]

Mississippi Scott Sisters Documentary Now In Production

News Release from Nancy LockhartSubject: July 4th 2010 – Jamie Scott’s Birthday – Documentary of The Scott Sisters and Thank You’s Dear Supporters: Jamie and Gladys would like to thank all supporters for everything that is being done to assist in securing their freedom. They would especially like to thank The Gray Haired Witnesses for […]