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First book in Clinton Moore Thriller Series —


Share| What secrets were behind this rusty fence? The Plan  Book 1: Clinton Moore Thriller Series  I met a woman in the Mississippi Delta with a story to tell. She was driving me home from the small town of Drew to Parchman Penitentiary where I lived with my husband, who was the prison’s chief psychologist. That […]

Youtube, iMovie and Having Fun Building a Book Trailer

Creative book trailers can help get the word out. You don’t need to pay top money to produce them. I used iMovie ($5) on my iPad to build this. There are many ways to do the same thing on your PC, like using Picas (free), for instance. You’ll need to shoot some photos, maybe some […]

Women making Panama Hats by hand in Sigsig, Ecuador

Just finishing some research on Sigsig for my novel, The Plan (due out next month) and I wanted to share this video of women hand weaving Panama hats up in the Andes, in this remote villate. I got a hat there, myself, when I traveled thee last month. Unbelieveable! It was just $10. Anyway, a […]

New Emmett Till Video Posted on YouTube; Mississippi, Conspiracies, Assassinations, Colonia Dignidad All Featured

Susan Klopfer, author The Plan Publication Date: June 2013 The author of a new fiction book due out in June focused on the multiple murders of two black, gay lawyers and a straight, white FBI agent, today released a Mississippi-based video on YouTube. “The Plan is based on actual and fictional characters. It starts out […]

Wanting to Hear From You! New Civil Rights Murder Mystery Book From the Delta — and From Ecuador

Mystery in the Delta A world-renowned writer once asked Ken Follett if he thought about the reader when he was writing. Follett said he thought about the reader all the time. Constantly. In response, the famous author said, “I never think of the reader. I always write for myself.” “That’s why you are a very great author,” Follett […]

Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network: Main Stream Media Did Not ‘Catch’ all Election News

Received from GLSENNov, 7, 2012 For those invested in equality for LGBT people, last night’s election had several primary story lines – races and issues that loomed large on Twitter and our personal networks but that were not always front and center in the mainstream coverage. We bit our nails and sought out the latest […]

DOJ Settlement: HIV Discrimination

Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, May 11, 2012 Health Care Providers Settle with Justice Department Over Complaints of HIV Discrimination The Justice Department announced that it has reached two settlements today resolving claims that health care providers refused to serve people with HIV in violation of the Americans with […]

Sexual and Gender Diversity Enriching To All, Ordained Minister Says

Sexual and gender diversity enriches us all, says an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and Executive director of the Religious Institute, a multifaith organization dedicated to sexual health and justice. Religious organizations and people frequently lead opposition to gay rights in the United States, said Debra W. Haffner: In the August ruling which overturned California’s Proposition […]

Message to Heterosexuals: Take a Stand Because Your Silence is Killing Us

The Diversity Speaker NewsletterDr. Maura J. Cullen(Sponsor, The Diversity Student Summit)Oct. 2010 Issue A Message To Heterosexuals: Take a Stand Because Your Silence is Killing UsAn all out assault is taking aim at gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people across this country. And with mid-term elections on the horizon you can be certain that the […]