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DOJ Takes on Tucson Unified School District in Arizona; Civil Rights News

Department of Justice Office of Public AffairsFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, August 1, 2011 Justice Department Settles Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Against the Tucson Unified School District in Arizona WASHINGTON – The Department of Justice announced today that it has entered into a consent decree with the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) that, if approved by the […]

American Post Racial? Not Quite — how about racial forgetful?

Young Emmett Till, murdered Aug. 28, 1955 in the Mississippi Delta. “The reactions to Attorney General Eric Holder’s pronouncement in February 2009 that America is a “nation of cowards” when it comes to racial matters largely seemed to prove his point. Dismissing Holder as “needlessly provocative,” America retreated back into its corner and turned its […]

The Commission on Civil Rights approves motion asking Congress allow it to take Justice Department to court if it refuses to enforce commission’s subpoenas and other “lawful requests”

ABC News/Politics The Commission and Agency Have Clashed Over the Case of the New Black Panther PartyThe Commission on Civil Rights has approved a motion asking Congress to essentially allow it to take the Justice Department to court if it refuses to enforce the commission’s subpoenas and other “lawful requests” pertaining to a lawsuit against […]

Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Urges Mass Support for the Gray-Haired Witnesses Fast for Justice

Contact: Nancy LockhartJune 4, 2010 at 8:28amSubject: DICK GREGORY Urges Mass Support for the Gray-Haired Witnesses Fast for Justice ~ By Sis. Marpessa P r e s s R e l e a s e Contacts: B.J. Janice Peak-Graham / Marpessa Kupendua 1- 866-968-1188, Ext. 2; WASHINGTON, June 3/Gray-Haired Witnesses for Justice News […]

Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act; Sykes wants to meet with U.S. AG Eric Holder to set Act in motion; needs financial support

Alvin Sykes, seeks justice for Emmett Till Mary SanchezThe Kansas City Star So you might think that Alvin Sykes is a desperate man these days. He knows that each passing day is another lost in his nearly decade-long crusade to solve civil rights era murders. He’s already done what few could fathom, helping persuade federal […]

US Attorney General-Elect Eric Holder Will Have to Hit Ground Running

Oakland, CA. January 1, first day of 2009. 22-year-old Oscar Grant III was murdered in cold blood—shot in the back by a cop as he lay on a BART train platform. Yet another Black youth killed by the police. But this time in front of dozens of people. And this time captured on cell phones […]

Eric Holder ‘Bold Choice’ for Attorney General

Attorney General ‘bold choice’ for civil rightsBy Hazel Trice EdneyNNPA Editor-in-Chief Civil rights leaders across the nation are characterizing the nomination of former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder for the spot of U.S. attorney general as a “bold choice” for prospective upgrades in civil rights and criminal justice laws that have long hindered Black progress. […]