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Don Colon Restaurant in Cuenca, Ecuador – great food, great service, and a wonderful story for retirement (not!)

There’s a new restaurant in Cuenca, Ecuador (where I live as an expat), Don Colon. Owner and chef Colon Campos came out of retirement, from Naples, Florida to bring his talents to Cuenca. Colon is rapidly making friends and new customers because his food is great, the setting spectacular, and he is just fun to talk […]

Making Life Changes in Ecuador; Doing the Expat Thing and Even More in Cuenca

The Tomebamba River runs through Cuenca, Ecuador separating the historic and modern districts. ***** We stacked on thick blankets and mostly stayed under the covers for our first week in Cuenca, tightly cuddling our dog’s and cat’s bodies, using our pets as warming devices. When the clouds lifted and the sun finally appeared, we crawled […]

A special announcement to my readers of this blog–  I am currently working on a historical fiction novel set for publication June 30, 2013. The Plan: A Novel By Susan Klopfer Jamie Sullivan, a private Vicksburg detective, shoots himself in the groin while perched on the corner of his bed cleaning his favorite hunting rifle. […]

Pee-Wee Herman with Big Adventures, he’s NOT! But Bill Birnbaum shares ‘A Lifetime of Small Adventures,’ making Pee-Wee’s life look — well — boring

Have you ever wanted to chuck it all and do something different? Turn your world upside down? Abruptly stop what you are doing and take a quantum leap into the unknown? IF YOU ARE prepped for something new and different to do as you retire, you might be inspired by Oregonian Bill Birnbaum, who at […]