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U.S. Senator James Eastland Tried to Fake Out LBJ Over Lynching of Freedom Summer Volunteers Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney


Car belonging to Freedom Summer volunteers Mchael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman — all killed in the summer of 1964 while helping register black voters in the state of Mississippi. The Sovereignty Commission is filled with documents on Mississippi Burning — the lynching of three young Freedom Summer volunteers who were killed on this […]

Names Sometimes Associated With JFK Assassination Found in Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Files

Looking for names sometimes associated for various reasons with the JFK assassination?? Well, I can’t say look no further — because I have the ultimate guide. However — Here’s a partial list of some pretty interesting names that can be found in the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission files. (I will update this list as I run […]

Novemember Reminds Me of JFK’s Assassination; A Day Too Hard To Forget

Susan Klopfer is the author of Who Killed Emmett Till? and other books on the history of the modern civil rights movement in the Mississippi Delta. Her new book, The Plan, is a historical fiction novel based on the murders of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and other less known civil rights heroes. Readers are taken […]

Mississippi & JFK: Links

John Bevilaqua has been investigating the Kennedy assassination and Wickliffe P. Draper for almost 20 years. He offered some interesting observations in Dec. 09 on, including the following … “Sam Crutchfield was also the attorney of record for the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission during the period when Wickliffe P. Draper provided secretive funding to […]

45 Years Ago JFK Assassinated; Were There Mississippi Roots?

Few structures remain in Doddsville, Miss., plantation home of Sen. James O. Eastland. On Friday November 22, 1963, news bulletins hit the airwaves as rifle shots interrupted President John F. Kennedy’s Dallas motorcade. The resulting three-day news marathon concluded only after the young president was buried. Reporters moved on to the investigative phase of JFK’s […]

Tallahatchie Co. leaders apologize for Emmett Till’s murder trial

Tallahatchie River, near site where Emmett Till’s body was found October 2, 2007BY SHELIA BYRD Associated Press WriterJACKSON, Miss.—- The county where Chicago teenager Emmett Till’s body was found after he allegedly whistled at a white woman officially apologized Tuesday for the way the crime was handled, more than 50 years after the boy died. […]

In Memory: Lady Bird Johnson

From A Southern, and liberal, LadyA staunch opponent of segregation, Lady Bird Johnson shares the glory of the greatest presidency for civil rights since Lincoln. By Sidney Blumenthal July 13, 2007 | The obituaries of former first lady Lady Bird Johnson extol her beautification projects, graciousness and steady handling of the outsize personality of […]