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Half Schnauzer, Half Poodle (We Think) , I Know ‘Benji’ Has a Story


Say hello to Benji, our rescue dog. He came into our Cuenca, Ecuador home after his step mom, Nancee, learned she could not have anymore animals. She advertised his need for a home, and we were lucky enough to find him! Nancee softly cried as he left her home, and I know she misses him. […]

Found a great vet in Cuenca, Ecuador: will treat emergencies!


Dr. Javier Gallardo, Cuenca, Ecuador veterinarian We had a vet emergency on a Sunday night. Tried calling every vet listed with 24 hour emergency designation and either they didn’t answer, or would not come in.Then we found a phone number for  Dr. Gallardo. He said to come to his clinic, where he met us and […]

Same Ol’ Same Ol’?? — New Retiree Writes About His Life

(at left) — Forever together … a man and his dog by Thomas Peddecord Cuenca, Ecuador Here we go again. Same old thing. Up at nine (regardless of how late our restaurant, PANACHE!, was open for service the previous night). Then it’s out the door for a walk around the neighborhood. Maybe the beach is a […]