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Too Few Black CPAs, Says Howard University Professor (Who Offers Solutions)

Listen to Frank Ross, CPA: Most of the accounting profession recognizes the importance of attracting more Blacks to the field and helping them pass the CPA exam. Few, unfortunately, have a good track record in getting results. In 2002 and 2010, Blacks hired by CPA firms accounted for only 3 percent and 4 percent, respectively. […]

Muslim-Christian Conflicts Not Limited to United States – But Are Felt World-Wide


Hijab — a covering traditionally worn by Muslim women The Muslim-Christian divide that captures almost daily attention in news coming out of the United States, is actually felt worldwide.Although progress has been made—particularly in multinational workforces— struggles remain around religious diversity, suggests Susan Welch, executive director of Diversity Best Practices. “With Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr […]

Are You Against Same Sex Marriages?

A fellow blogger reminded me of the following: Interracial marriage was also made legal state-by-state, until 1969, when it finally became legally recognized & allowed in all the United States. The EXACT same arguments were used against interracial marriage: “it’s against teachings of the Bible”, “it’s against nature”, “it will lead to legalizing pedophilia & […]

Lack of Diversity, Discrimination Can Cause Mental Health Issues, Study Notes

A story in today’s Legal Industry News by KCJ News Service states that many minority workers ‘feel discriminated against’ Employment law developments to promote diversity in the workplace may not be having the desired effect, as many people from minority backgrounds still feel they are being discriminated against, it has been claimed. According to a […]

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Diversity Briefings Newsletter, Nov. 19, 2010

Welcome to Diversity Briefings: 11/19/2010 Volume 1, Issue 19. Published Each Monday – Friday —– —– —– —– Welcome back to Diversity Briefings. I hope you are enjoying each issue of this newsletter. Please feel free to resend this Diversity newsletter on to friends and colleagues. If you would like to subscribe to receive daily […]