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Sixth Trial for Curtis Flowers, Mississippi African American, Opens June 7 in Winona; Prosecutors ‘Set a Record’

Friends of JusticeExecutive Director, Dr. Alan Beanemail: abean@friendsofjustice.netcell: 817.688.6765office: 817.457.0025Mailing Adress: 3415 Ainsworth Court, Arlington, Texas 76016 The case against Curtis Flowers [Winona, Mississippi] started with a bloody footprint. It took just over a week to link the print pattern to a Grant Hill Fila running shoe. Then a policeman remembered seeing a Fila shoe […]

The Persecution of Curtis Flowers

Winona, Mississippi in days gone by. An Interview with Dr. Alan BeanBy JOE ALLEN DR. ALAN Bean is the executive director of Friends of Justice, a nonprofit organization that works to uphold due process in the criminal justice system. It was formed in response to the infamous Tulia, Texas, drug sting of 1999, in which […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Recent Trip to The Yazoo-Mississippi Delta

miss2010 “ Click on the above photo of the old Drew, Miss. jail. When the photo page appears, you can click on “slideshow” to see a presentation of 62 photos. Locations include Drew, Ruleville, Webb, Greenville, Parchman, and Winona. Just returned from a week in the Delta where I shot these photos. Fascinating part of […]

Curtis Flowers: The Unbelievable Still Takes Place in Mississippi Justice (or Lack Thereof)

On the morning of July 16, 1996, four people were brutally murdered at a furniture store in the small Mississippi town of Winona. By 11:00 am everybody had heard the news: Bertha Tardy, the proprietor of Tardy ’s Furniture, had been killed execution style. Carmen Rigby, Tardy’s longtime bookkeeper, had suffered the same fate, as […]

Mississippi Legislature Impacts Black History Month: Bill Considered Will Mean All White Jury in Flowers Case

From the AP and Friend of Justice: Mississippi lawmakers are considering a bill that could have an impact on the long-running capital murder case of a Montgomery County man accused of killing four people at a furniture store nearly 15 years ago. Curtis Flowers is set to be tried a sixth time later this year […]

Mississippi’s Curtis Flowers — Will He Ever Receive Justice?

Juror James Bibbs was charged with perjury at Curtis Flowers fifth trial. (BBC News photo) You would honesty think the United States of America would be embarrassed over a story like the case of Curtis Flowers. An upcoming trial in Mississippi involving Flowers is so unbelievable, so unimaginable that it at least has the attention […]

Friends of Justice Moves on Winona Murder Case

(Photo: Legendary Organizer Fannie Lou Hamer by Charmain Reading) Fannie Lou Hamer, a Mississippi Delta civil rights leader, was frequently the target of social injustice. The town where she was once beaten, Winona, is currently the target of a murder investigation by the Friends of Justice. Friends of Justice launches narrative-based campaigns around unfolding cases […]

From the Land of Emmett Till; Social Justice Group Reports on White Voting Beliefs & Explains What Brought Them to Mississippi

(Photo from the Friends of Justice archives) Remember the Daily Kos poll showing that 47% of southerners had doubts that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii? What would the numbers look like if the question was posed to white southerners? “Fortunately, we aren’t left to idle speculation. Del Ali of Research 2000 crunched the […]