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View across the bogue near Drew, Mississippi; free eBook Sample — Who Killed Emmett Till?


This small bogue is just outside of Drew, Mississippi near the place where 14-year-old Emmett Till was beaten and murdered before his body was dumped into the Tallahatchie River. I once lived near this site and spent many long days talking to people of the Mississippi Delta who remembered when this even took place back […]

The Shocking Truth About Guns and Civil Rights

[Note: As a researcher and writer of Mississippi modern civil rights, I still hear people, including news commentators and some historians, assert that this movement was nonviolent, and that guns were not part of it, except for Klansmen and other white racists. In fact, because of the KKK and Citizens Councils (with members such as […]

Ghosts of Mississippi — Remembering Medgar Evers this June 12, 2012 – 49 Years After His Mississippi Murder

“People who lived through those days will tell you that something shifted in their hearts after Medgar Evers died, something that put them beyond fear…. At that point a new motto was born: After Medgar, no more fear.” Maryanne Voller, Esquire Medgar Evers, brave Mississippi civil rights leader THERE MAY BE SOME WHO still ask […]

The Modern Civil Rights Movement in America (It Just Keeps Rollin’ Along)

The late Fannie Lou Hamer of Ruleville, Miss. was known for her soul-filled  singing and civil rights activism. Only several weeks ago, the nation was talking about the murder of Emmett Till, an event that is some 50-plus years postmortem. Why so? While late last August was the 56th anniversary of Till’s brutal death in 1955, […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Will Hollywood turn an Emmett Till book into a movie?

Why is it important to know the story of Emmett Till? Especially in the North, I have found that still too few people know this history (one civil rights “author” from Santa Fe, New Mexico chided me recently for writing about Till and this event. “You are just trying to drum up publicity,” he said. […]

Hunterbear: Notes on Endangered Native Burials in the Florida Everglades; Way Back When — Jackson, Mississippi and Civil Rights

Blog post by Hunter Bear (Publisher’s note: Hunterbear is a noted civil rights veteran, a university professor, and author.) Earlier today I posted on the endangered Native burials in the Florida Everglades. Sam Friedman writes: It is hard to find words for such behavior. Attack, oppress and steal from people when they are alive, then […]

New Mexico, Civil Rights Author Releases Internet ‘s “TOP 10” List of Emmett Till Books

Media ReleaseContact Susan Klopfer At right, A Chicago newspaper reports on the murder of young Emmett Till (may be subject to copyright)* * * * * (Gallup) — In observation of Black History Month and the upcoming 57th anniversary of Emmett Till’s murder in Mississippi on Aug. 28, civil rights author Susan Klopfer, has released […]

Anniversary of Emmett Till’s Murder; Saturday, Aug. 28

This Saturday is the 55th anniversary of the murder of 14 year-old Emmett Till, an incident that galvanized the modern civil rights movement. (Left, the shed where Till was murdered on Aug. 28, 1955 outside of Drew, Mississippi. Photo by Susan Klopfer.) In observance, the Emmett Till Foundation today kicks off a weekend of observances commemorating […]

To Kill a Mockingbird, Scottsboro Eight and Emmett Till; all signatures of the Jim Crow times

Ask anyone which American novels they read at school, and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) will almost certainly feature. One of the most commercially, critically and pedagogically successful works of all time, this novel about a lawyer’s family in the 1930s Deep South won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize, has sold more than 30 […]

‘Seeing Emmett Till’s Face in the Southeast’

In 1955, after 14-year-old Emmett Till was kidnapped and brutally murdered while visiting relatives in Mississippi, Mamie Till Mobley had her son’s casket left open at his memorial service. She did this not just to remind the murderers what they had done; it was to remind the world, to remind a growing, interlocked network of […]