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Bradford Huie, Look Magazine and the Shocking Murder of Emmett Till


“The murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till in Money, Mississippi ignited the Modern Civil Rights Movement. Unfortunately, this story is still not taught in many school history books, or the most important details are often left out.” Susan Klopfer, Emmett Till historian, speaker and author. —– FREE Emmett Till Audiobook, Who Killed Emmett Till? —– “The […]

Fr. Nathaniel and the Greenwood, Mississippi Movement (civil rights)


Interesting reading — Fr. Nathaniel and the Greenwood Movement. Rev. Nathaniel Maciejewski, O.F.M. (St. Francis Mission – Greenwood, MS) Here is a fascinating link to a scholarly paper by PAUL T. MURRAY, professor of sociology at Siena College in Loudonville, New York. This article is part of a larger research project on the involvement of Catholics in the […]

Mississippi statue to honor civil rights icon Fannie Lou Hamer

Note: Free ebook, Who Killed Emmett Till, July 13 at Smashwords. Go to * * * * * Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer was known world-wide for her civil rights and voting rights activities. THERE ARE SOME essential stories one must know to understand or at least have a feel for the modern civil rights movement in […]

Free online link to Mississippi civil rights history book (with chapter on Emmett Till) given out by author of Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited

The author of three books on Mississippi Civil Rights, today posted a free link to her largest work, Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited.“I’ve received numerous calls since the Trayvon Martin incident, from civil rights reporters and others asking me questions that relate to the Emmett Till murder in 1955. Till’s death was critical […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Cleveland Donald Jr. Dies; was critical to the Jackson Movement

Just Received this e-mail from Hunter Bear (John Gray – John R. Salter)FEBRUARY 2, 2012 The news of Cleveland Donald, Jr.’s passing comes as a stunning and extremely heavy shock to myself and Eldri. We have corresponded very regularly with Cleveland on a number of social justice matters — including global issues involving people of […]

Academic Smearing at its “Unlevel Best” — Loads of Sovereignty Commission Records

The man who once taught sociology at Tougaloo College under the name of John Salter, a fine academic and brilliant writer who was frequently smeared by the Sovereignty Commission, takes time to reflect. Hunter Gray to Bear, 6:17 AM (2 hours ago) I much like Fall in the West. Here in the higher altitudes of […]

Don’t ever discount the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission

I remember when I first started looking at Sovereignty Commission records. I read a quote, calling the investigators “keystone cops”, back when the records were first made public. Reporters had done a quick look through records of prominent people and most likely, because many records had already been pulled and kept away from public view, […]

Civil Rights and Diversity Lessons — School Librarian Tells How to ‘Teach Till’ Without Frightening Children

Media ReleaseTuesday, July 13, 2011Contact:Susan Klopfersklopfer@gmail.com Redrock DriveGallup, NM 87301 How to ‘Teach Till’ Without Frightening Children: A Resource Guide for Teachers You are a classroom teacher. The anniversary of Emmett Till’s death is coming up, and you want to present a meaningful lesson for your students. How can you talk about the murder of […]

From the Land of Emmett Till …”About things that should never be forgotten”

From a good friend of mine* — some things we must remember… HUNTER GRAY [HUNTER BEAR/JOHN R SALTER JR – June 15 2011 This is about things that should never be forgotten and, indeed, must be remembered forever. This is the time of the year which, almost half a century ago in 1963, saw the […]