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An Election Story to Remember; Told by Civil Rights Activist, Author Hunter Bear


GUEST BLOG: Note by Hunter Bear   (March 17 2014) Prof John Salter (Hunter Bear) harassed at a Jackson, Miss. lunch counteer And with a big, all-around clear plastic  ballot box as well. When we lived in Chicago, [where a hundred tribes or so are represented], I was active as a Native person and volunteer in […]

My Big Adventure – Writing eBooks as an Expat

The Plan: Murder, Mystery Conspiracy eBook Publish Date Set For September.  I am almost done! The Plan is with the copy editor, and should be ready by the middle of this month. I have to admit that as a retired person, I’ve been working awfully hard. But I don’t think I would be happy doing […]

Leutrell Osborne, ‘Black Man in the CIA’ calls for ‘More Cloak and Less Dagger’


Gary Revel 254 207-0955 JONGLEUR MUSIC PICTURES 1017 N. 3RD STREET TEMPLE, TEXAS 76501 Music/Movies/Books CIA agent offers advice Leutrell Osborne, ‘Black Man in the CIA’ calls for ‘More Cloak and Less Dagger’ Leutrell Mike Osborne, Sr. the author of the “Black Man In The CIA” (BMCIA), said that the recent statements by President Barack […]

John Grisham’s New Book Revisits Mississippi; The Land of Emmett Till

NEWS RELEASE (Editor’s Note: This is such good news for avid readers of John Grisham books. It will be hard to wait for this newest novel. Meanwhile, The Plan, is set for June release. More to come. sk) MAY 3, 2013 12:00 PM John Grisham set to release ‘Sycamore Row,’ sequel to ‘A Time to […]

Poet Cuts Deep With New Work on Emmett Till’s Murder

When she performs, people stop breathing, reports Tina Griego for the Denver Post. “Some start crying. Ashaheed herself may cry. She cuts deep. “My arms will never be wide enough to cover sins like these,” she says in a poem in which she must explain Emmett Till’s murder to her young son. I have never […]

List of eBooks and Print Books on Emmett Till and Other Mississippi Stories

Just wanted to share this list of links for eBooks and Print books on Emmett Till, and Other Mississippi civil rights stories for Black History Week.Susan e-Books Who Killed Emmett Till? (eBook, Smashwords) Cash In On Diversity (eBook, Smashwords) — FOLLOW ME BY EMAIL— Where Rebels Roost (Amazon, Kindle) Susan Klopfer’s Print […]

McFadden’s ‘Gathering of the Waters’ Takes In-Depth Look at Emmett Till’s Murder


Just another Mississippi County Courthouse Bernice L. McFadden’s new novel, Gathering of Waters, explores the history surrounding the brutal murder of Emmett Till, a major event in Civil Rights history. Rather than sticking close to the events of Till’s death, Gathering of Waters looks at generations before and after Till’s life in Money, Miss. Consider […]

New civil rights book rife with “parallels, intersections and coincidence”

The Street Sweeper Elliot PerlmanRiverhead, $28.95 5 STARS “The Street Sweeper” tells the stories of two men whose lives would seem to have little to do with each other. Lamont Williams is an African American recently released from prison after serving six years for an armed robbery in which he was only tangentially involved. Adam […]

Freedom Groups Sets Underground Railroad Tour; Chicago to Cincinnati

Released by Mia HenryFreedom Lifted, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Travel Tour Set for March 30 – 31, We are pleased to announce a new weekend tour from Chicago to Cincinnati to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. In addition to a tour of this incredible national treasure, participants will visit the home […]

Civil Rights Nonfiction Novel eBook Publication Set For Sept. 1, 2012

For Immediate ReleaseNew eBook AnnouncementContact: Susan New eBook Announcement: Gallup To Mississippi“Attaining true justice often takes longer than expected. In this case, getting there requires a heart-stopping side trip through Washington D.C.’s political killing fields.” Susan Klopfer, author DRIVING ALONE FROM Gallup, New Mexico to Drew, Mississippi takes all but 20 hours, according to […]