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50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination: Author of The Plan: A Novel Speaks Out On Assassination Conspiracies, Oswald, Eastland, Banister

“On the assassination of John F. Kennedy? The American media failed us. They were compromised, frightened, incompetent, greedy (pick one or all) and still fight to keep us from learning the truth — because they screwed up. Check out what journalists around the world have reported over the years. Only American journalists keep pumping up […]

48th Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial Service

For Immediate Release June 7, 2012 John Steele, Chairman or (925) 497-9868.                                                                                                                                         The 48th Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial Service, Conference, Caravan and March for Justice June 22, 23, and 24, 2012 Still standing for justice for Civil Rights Martyrs! Compared to the number of […]

List of eBooks and Print Books on Emmett Till and Other Mississippi Stories

Just wanted to share this list of links for eBooks and Print books on Emmett Till, and Other Mississippi civil rights stories for Black History Week.Susan e-Books Who Killed Emmett Till? (eBook, Smashwords) Cash In On Diversity (eBook, Smashwords) — FOLLOW ME BY EMAIL— Where Rebels Roost (Amazon, Kindle) Susan Klopfer’s Print […]

Real Civil Rights History Beats Out “The Help” and Hollywood’s Take on Mississippi

Publisher’s Note: Just received this announcement from Hunter Bear, a seasoned Civil Rights Veteran… Hunter Bear, formerly known as John Salter, was THERE when the modern civil rights movement took place in Mississippi. He is a sociologist and the perfect person to write about events that occurred. You will not have a better opportunity to […]

Bob Dylan to Release Ninth Volume Bootleg Series; The Death of Emmett Till, Included

Rolling StoneBy Daniel KrepsAug 24, 2010 9:48 AM EDT Bob Dylan will release the ninth volume of his Bootleg Series on October 19th, he has announced, confirming recent rumors. This edition will be the first official collection of the Witmark Demos, 47 songs that Dylan recorded between 1962 and 1964 for his first two publishers, […]

Free Book: U.S. Civil Rights Movement

A protest of 15,000 people gather in Harlem, March 1965 (Library of Congress) I ran across a free book on the U.S. Civil Rights Movement put out by the government: Free At Last, The U.S. Civil Rights Movement. It’s actually quite good. Take a look for yourself: Click Here From the Table of Contents: — […]