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Who Killed Emmett Till? Historical Emmett Till Photos Now on PINTEREST Board

Thank you for dropping by … I have been posting many images relating to Emmett Till’s lynching, an important civil rights event that took place in 1955 in the Mississippi Delta.  This year is the 60th anniversary of this spark that helped drive the modern civil rights movement. You are invited to follow this link to […]

View across the bogue near Drew, Mississippi; free eBook Sample — Who Killed Emmett Till?


This small bogue is just outside of Drew, Mississippi near the place where 14-year-old Emmett Till was beaten and murdered before his body was dumped into the Tallahatchie River. I once lived near this site and spent many long days talking to people of the Mississippi Delta who remembered when this even took place back […]

Asa Earl Carter — the Forrest Bedford of the Native American literary world?


I was fascinated by a recent public television documentary about a man named Asa Carter who changed his name mid-life name to Forrest Bedford Carter, becoming an author of a controversial memoir, now recognized as a work for fiction, The Education of Little Tree. Asa Carter, segregationist, aka Forrest Bedford Carter, the Native American author […]

When Mississippi Does it Right — Aaron Henry: A Civil Rights Leader of the 20th Century


Aaron Henry, civil rights leader Kudos to the Mississippi Historical Society for the beautiful piece written on civil rights leader, Aaron Henry (by Constance Curry, who with Aaron Henry wrote The Fire Ever Burning. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2000.) Aaron Henry’s Fourth Street Drug Store, which opened in 1950 in Clarksdale, became a hub […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Remembering Robert Keglar, Mississippi Civil Rights Activist

At right, the late Robert Keglar, a true Mississippi civil rights hero. (Photo by Susan Klopfer)(I wrote the following article last year, after hearing that Robert Keglar died. Robert was a true hero of the modern civil rights movement, as was his mother, Birdia Keglar. Both were from the small town of Charleston, Miss., also […]

Remembering Emmett Till; looking through some Sovereignty Commission ‘tidbits’, getting a feel for the times

Note: I wrote this post last year as the 56th anniversary of young Emmett Till’s murder approached, and included some links to Sovereignty Commission files related to his death. In light of Trayvon Martin’s murder, I thought that some readers might be interested in more history about Emmett Till. If you don’t know about the […]

Friends, Family Pay Tribute to Wayne Greenhaw, Noted Civil Rights Author

Alvin Benn, Montgomery Advertiser writes … One of Alabama’s most pro­lific writers, Greenhaw com­pleted 22 books and was work­ing on another when he died. Flynt traced Greenhaw’s back­ground, from his difficult child­hood in which he suffered from polio and his recuperative peri­od that “drove him into an imaginary world of books.” After a part-time job […]

Haley Barbour’s Yazoo City Also Home To Mississippi’s Most Prominent Lawyer, John Satterfield, Nationally Known Segregationist and Twice President of American Bar Association

John Satterfield Also Prominent in Citizens Councils Legal Wizardry By Susan Klopfer If Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour has some explaining to do over Mississippi’s racist past, one of Barbour’s fellow Yazoo City Rotarians, John Satterfield, would also have the same problem – except that he’s dead, so maybe the American Bar Association could enlighten us. The assassination […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Citizens Councils Played Critical Role in Mississippi’s Racist Culture

Part II: Mississippi’s Citizens Councils Pick up Warp Speed By Susan Klopfer Excerpted from Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited (Klopfer, 2005) After Brown v. Board of Education, Mississippi picked up a new holiday – “Black Monday.” Judge Thomas Pickens Brady (pronounced Braddie, as it used to be spelled) fanned segregation flames by substituting […]

Haley Barbour Forgets His Citizens Councils History; Sovereignty Commission Files Help Restore Memories

Guess old Haley Barbour has totally forgotten about the relationship of the Citizens Councils to the … Sovereignty Commission… to the… state police…to the… state public officials, etc. Take a look at these files I found on the Sovereignty Commission site. All clearly show that everyone was working closely with Citizens Councils to keep Blacks “in […]