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Pinterest a Great Tool For Online Businesses; Retirees Should Check It Out

Have you changed? This is one of my favorite photograph taken at a celebration in the Mississippi Delta where lots of change is taking place, and I’m sharing it on PINTEREST right now! You don’t know what Pinterest is? Well, especially if you are retired, this could be a very fascinating place on the Interenet […]

Gay Dads Means Young Boy Banned From Virginia Pool

Success! Young Boy With Two Gay Dads Will Be Allowed In Swimming Pool! by DAVID BADASH on JULY 5, 2012 in CIVIL RIGHTS,DISCRIMINATION,NEWS A young boy with two gay dads will now be allowed to swim in a Virginia health club pool after a petition went viral, garnering as of this writing almost 80,000 signatures in a few days — […]

Techies call older engineer names (like “Fuddie-duddie”) and run him off the job — Who Will Pay? Why Was This Behavior Allowed?

What if this happened to your dad or your mom? Would it make you angry? What if these were your employees? Would you consider diversity training? — A recent California Supreme Court decision involves an experienced engineer who went to work for a giant corporation (the kind of company that one would think comprehends and […]