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Nothing Has Changed: ‘Scientists’ Refuse to Listen to Valid JFK Story; COPA Loses Face in Battle


Judyth Vary Baker, conspiracy author, and a scientist By Susan Klopfer (Note: Since I first posted this story, COPA has not budged. This usually scientific organization holds by its guns, and won’t let Judyth Vary Baker speak. She has one of the best stories to tell, but the tape stays on her mouth. Baker is […]

Mississippi Looking ‘A Whole Lot Better Than Arizona,’ Civil Rights Author Says

News Release Contact: Susan KlopferMt. Pleasant, IowaCell: 505-728-7924sklopfer@gmail.com Smart students get angry when they learn they have been deceived in what they have been taught. This includes removal of truth from history lessons, says an Iowa author of three civil rights books. Susan Klopfer, recent author of “Who Killed Emmett Till,” the story of the1955 […]

FBI Won’t Open Case Files; Assassination Records of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Still Suppressed

And these are the people who are “solving” the civil rights cold cases? Nearly half a century after the height of the civil rights movement, hundreds of thousands of pages of government files about the volatile era remain shielded from the American public, buried in FBI field office cabinets, blocked by resistant bureaucracies, or available […]