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Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget – Ebook


With today’s top diversity story focusing on a small community college getting headlines over a “no white people allowed” social event, I was happy to run into this book, Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget. Some people still aren’t getting it about diversity (the school’s diversity officer came up with the idea of the exclusive […]

Check Out the Top Ten Facts about diversity management that could benefit your organization or business

If you own or work for a business, you might not be taking advantage of all the opportunities managing diversity has to offer. Many of us are still confused over diversity best practices and how diversity benefits an organization. Yet, research is showing that organizations close to diversity, that really know how to maximize diversity, […]

Techies call older engineer names (like “Fuddie-duddie”) and run him off the job — Who Will Pay? Why Was This Behavior Allowed?

What if this happened to your dad or your mom? Would it make you angry? What if these were your employees? Would you consider diversity training? — A recent California Supreme Court decision involves an experienced engineer who went to work for a giant corporation (the kind of company that one would think comprehends and […]

Defining Diversity; It’s Not Just About R E S P E C T

How many times have you heard a person say, “Well, I get along with everyone. We really are all alike, deep down.” Or, “We don’t need diversity training. We just need to learn to get along.” Wanted to share this great definition of diversity. I ran into it on a site supported by the University […]