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Michele Bachmann, Emmett Till, Fuzzy History; What do they have in common?

A car is nearly devoured by Kudzu vines. (Image may be subject to copyright.) If there is something I really can’t stomach, it is fuzzy history. Reading the other day about John Adams’ new facelift, thanks to Michele Bachmann’s friend’s rewording of the Adams Wikipedia entry, I was most disturbed. And then I came upon […]

Black History Month: Emmett Till documentarian, Keith Beauchamp, has more surprises in store

Keith Beauchamp, left, interviewing Johnny Holcomb, a retired state police investigator in Louisiana, in “The Ghosts of Bogalusa” episode of “The Injustice Files.” (Photo, Investigation Discovery) From The New York Times: Better known for crime fare like “I (Almost) Got Away With It” and “Deadly Women,” Investigation Discovery is using Black History Month to turn […]

FBI Report on Emmett Till Investigation

In March, 2007, the FBI released a summary of its 8000 page report of its investigation of the murder of Emmett Till. This report also includes the 354 page transcript of the 1955 murder trial of J. W. Milam and Roy Bryant. The transcript had been lost for decades, but in the course of their […]

Iowa Master Teacher Reviews Freedom Summer Book; Recalls Emmett Till Story

In the non-fiction section, I selected “Freedom Summer,” by Bruce Watson, published in June, 2010. As I scanned the pictorial section, the images brought back memories of that time. I was 13, and through the visual medium of television, I had seen the coverage of the assassination of JFK in November of 1963 and The […]

Gerald Weissinger Chatham, the lawyer who tried to prosecute two men for killing Emmett Till, memorialized

From the Desoto Times of Mississippi comes this story: Former DA honored with dedication Hernando Woman’s Club members Libby Ballard and Janie Norwood serve punch and cookies to a crowd of more than 100 during the clock tower dedication Wednesday. Photo by Jon Alverson By ROBERT LEE LONG Community Editor Published: Thursday, July 15, 2010 […]

Hip-hop Artist Common Tells Stanford Students How Emmett Till Story Impacted His Life

Hip-hop artist Common says his sixth grade teacher had a significant influence on him and taught him a great deal about literature and writing. As a boy, the story of Emmett Till, an African American boy from Chicago who was murdered while visiting the South in 1955, had a profound impact on him. “I knew […]

New York Woman Has Vivid Memories Of Mississippi Childhood; Remembers The Day She Heard About Emmett Till

For Senetta Smith, the road to literacy has been long. Ms. Smith, 68, talked to news reporter Clyde Haberman of the New York Times about her hardscrabble childhood in a sharecropper family in rural Mississippi, toiling in the fields from sunup to sundown. “As vivid as yesterday for her is the day in 1955 when […]

Anniversary of Mississippi’s Carroll County Courhouse Massacre; March 17; Jim Crow Laws Lead to Death of Emmett Till

Carroll County Courthouse, Mississippi ON MARCH 17, 1886, twenty-three people, all black, were killed in a courthouse massacre in Carrollton, Mississippi when sixty armed white men charged in and opened fire in a court room. Two black brothers, Ed and Charley Brown, accused Jim Lidell, Jr. of attempted murder. Both brothers were killed and no […]