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New Diversity e-Book ‘Penned’ By Emmett Till Book Author

News ReleaseContact Susan Klopfer505-728-7924sklopfer@gmail.comhttp://susanklopfer.comEmmett Till Book Author Writes New eBook On Diversity; ‘It has been a natural progression to delve into this topic’ (Gallup, New Mexico) –The author of a newly published eBook with a quirky title – Cash In On Diversity – asserts the more variations of people involved in an organization or business, […]

Atlanta King Center announces screening of Emmett Till documentary

The King Center in downtown Atlanta, Ga. announces screening a of CNN documentary, Pictures Don’t Lie, which explores the career of famed photographer Ernest Withers, who is known for his striking images of the Civil Rights movement and Emmett Till, and who has recently been found to be an informant for the FBI. The program […]

Land of Emmett Till: Still No Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (front left) walked in the funeral procession for Medgar Evers in June 1963. Evers was shot and killed in the driveway of his home in Jackson, Miss. (File/Associated Press) JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi bred some of the worst violence of the civil rights era, yet nearly a half-century after […]

CBS News Analyst Talks About Famous Court Cases; Includes Emmett Till

From The Daily ProgressBy Sharon C. Fitzgerald Daily Progress Correspondent Celebrities and politics have shaped verdicts in the courtroom long before the days of O.J. Simpson and Timothy McVeigh, said CBS News legal analyst Jack Ford. Ford, who covered the Simpson and McVeigh trials during his years at TruTV, was the guest speaker Friday at […]

Story of the Woman Who Raised Emmett Till; Aug. 28, 55th Anniversary of Till’s Murder

We are coming up on the 55th anniversary of the murder of Emmett Till (Aug. 28, 1955). Here is a story about Emmett’s mother that I recently learned: The story goes that during a course Mamie Till-Mobley took at the Chicago Teachers College in 1957, where she was the oldest student in the class, she […]

Sample Chapter, TOC; Who Killed Emmett Till?

Just posted a sample chapter and Table of Contents from my newest book, Who Killed Emmett Till? You can access from this link or go to  the Pages Section and select the TOC Sample link. I became interested in the Till case and the Mississippi Delta when Fred and I moved to Mississippi and lived on […]

New York Woman Has Vivid Memories Of Mississippi Childhood; Remembers The Day She Heard About Emmett Till

For Senetta Smith, the road to literacy has been long. Ms. Smith, 68, talked to news reporter Clyde Haberman of the New York Times about her hardscrabble childhood in a sharecropper family in rural Mississippi, toiling in the fields from sunup to sundown. “As vivid as yesterday for her is the day in 1955 when […]

FREE e-book, Who Killed Emmett Till; celebrating Digital Books Month

The e-book version of Who Killed Emmett Till? will be given away FREE through March 13 in celebration of Digital Books Month. Go to where you will be given a code to order the ebook FREE. Happy Digital Books Month! Susan P.S. Will you please pass this information along? Thanks.