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Searching for Information on John D. Sullivan

Cold weather is great for reading books. And I’ve been holed up for the past week doing just that while trying to learn more about John D. Sullivan, a Vicksburg, Miss. private detective and former FBI agent, who “committed suicide” Oct. 23, 1966, three years after the assassination of JFK. ——————El tiempo frío es grande […]

Who Planned JFK’s Assassination?

In his fascinating book on the JFK assassination, Michael Collins Piper writes in Final Judgment that Carlos Marcello “has become a favorite target for JFK assassination researchers who like to claim that ‘The Mafia Killed JFK’.” But Piper asserts that Marcello was only “one cog” in the Meyer Lansky Syndicate. “[Marcello’s] key placement in New […]

Legacy of Secrecy: New Info RFK, JFK, MLK

Blogging from the JFK Lancer annual meeting: Author Lamar Waldron is talking about links to JFK and RFK assassinations to mobster Carlos Marcello. Says new documents to be linked to and are on his book site at Found that FBI targeted more than a dozen of Marcello associates and family members but Marcello’s […]