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Retirees Start New Businesses; Doing It Right

Business Plans Critical, Especially For Retirement Startups By Susan Klopfer, Author, speaker, blogger “Sue” and “Betsy” develop their biz plan. “I thought I left business and work and all of that snarly stuff – and now you want me to write down my business plans? To write down my goals? NOT!!” Sue is a newly […]

Too Few Black CPAs, Says Howard University Professor (Who Offers Solutions)

Listen to Frank Ross, CPA: Most of the accounting profession recognizes the importance of attracting more Blacks to the field and helping them pass the CPA exam. Few, unfortunately, have a good track record in getting results. In 2002 and 2010, Blacks hired by CPA firms accounted for only 3 percent and 4 percent, respectively. […]

Cross-cultural leadership and understanding – not limited to the “big city”


Diversity in action. Images may be subject to copyright. “You guys live in such a nice little town,” Larry S. was telling me. My new teaching colleague was sharing his first impressions of Lawrenceburg, Indiana soon after being dumped by the faculty dean in the teacher’s lounge of the town’s small junior college campus. “Larry, […]

When workplace diversity becomes a fraud; don’t let the PR photos fool you


Employees at the “XYZ” Company, where diversity reigns(?) Now come on. Do you really believe that many (most?) large organizations are as “diverse” as they appear in their advertising and public relations venues? I am talking about that photograph of “casually” posed black and white females and males, all wearing elegant suits with their arms […]

Check Out the Top Ten Facts about diversity management that could benefit your organization or business

If you own or work for a business, you might not be taking advantage of all the opportunities managing diversity has to offer. Many of us are still confused over diversity best practices and how diversity benefits an organization. Yet, research is showing that organizations close to diversity, that really know how to maximize diversity, […]

Cash In On Diversity NEW eBook Price: 99 cents

Dear Subscribers and Readers of Diversity Briefings: After thinking about it, I decided my new eBook, Cash In On Diversity, should only cost 99 cents. It’s a new eBook trend that I am responding to — keeping the cost way down so that nearly everyone who is interested has an opportunity to read this information. […]

Discount on Diversity eBook for Emmett Till Blog Readers

As a special bonus to readers of this blog, I am offering a special discount on my new eBook, Cashing In On Diversity when they purchase it through Smashwords — Promotional price: $2.99Coupon Code: HC29FExpires: July 10, 2011 To purchase your copy now, go to and use the Coupon Code, above, for your special […]

Special Announcement: 25 percent discount on new diversity eBook for blog readers

Readers of this blog will receive a special discount on my new eBook, Cashing In On Diversity when they purchase it through Smashwords — Promotional price: $2.99Coupon Code: HC29FExpires: July 10, 2011 To purchase your copy now, go to and use the Coupon Code, above, for your special discount. Susan

Good Intentions Aren’t Good Enough — When It Comes to Diversity Management

Former U.S. President George W. Bush hit one nail on the head when he said, “Good intentions aren’t good enough!” Bush’s quote should be considered today by those organizations that strive for racially and ethnically diverse workplaces, but don’t necessarily meet their diversity goals. As popular the topic, and with so much being written about […]

Why in the world would a business owner put up a ‘right to refuse service’ sign?? No diversity here!

Any retailer that posts a sign announcing they “reserve the right to do business with anyone for any reason,” needs to at least recognize that’s a pretty dumb way to attract new customers — I really can’t believe I still see these signs, but I do. What is going through the head of any business […]