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More and more women are becoming entrepreneurs: from the outset, midway through corporate careers, and as they face retirement

Working women are getting better and better at taking care of themselves financially, through becoming entrepreneurs. In fact, new research is showing that more professional business women than ever before are blowing Corporate Dodge and leaving their employee positions to become their own profit centers. Others are starting their own businesses at the very beginning of their careers. […]

Dear Civil Rights and Social Justice News Readers: Just got a wonderful story passed on to me, via eMail, and I wanted to share it with you: A 50-something year old white woman arrived at her seat on a crowded flightand … immediately didn’t want the seat. The seat was next to a black man.Disgusted, […]

Bullying Problem On The Increase, Says Diversity Expert

Did You Know? Bullying among our youth is a significant problem–and it is steadily increasing. Many experts fear bullying has become so widespread and common, adults are blinded to its extensive harm. Here are the facts: It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other […]

Workplace Violence Ends in Suicide; University Slow to Respond

Workplace violence and bullying, like school violence and bullying, needs to be stopped. In this case, a major university was involved — and apparently, did nothing to help this man who eventually committed suicide. What a shame. Kevin Morrisey, the 52-year-old managing editor of the award-winning Virginia Quarterly Review, walked to a nearby area of […]