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Not just students bully…so do teachers, says Teaching Tolerance organization

When schools implement anti-bullying programs, the focus is usually centered on student-to-student bullying. However, students aren’t the only bullies in school. Teachers sometimes earn the label when they employ questionable disciplinary and management practices. Addressing Teacher Bullies is a presentation intended to help educators assess and reflect on their classroom management style and learn more […]

Techies call older engineer names (like “Fuddie-duddie”) and run him off the job — Who Will Pay? Why Was This Behavior Allowed?

What if this happened to your dad or your mom? Would it make you angry? What if these were your employees? Would you consider diversity training? — A recent California Supreme Court decision involves an experienced engineer who went to work for a giant corporation (the kind of company that one would think comprehends and […]

Diversity Briefings Newsletter: 11/09/2010

Today’s New Diversity Topics: Battle Over Jail VS Mental Health Heats Up in Orleans Parish, New Immigration Judges Sworn In, Diversity in Law Firms Takes a ‘Hit’, Does Real Diversity Mean We’re All the Same? (Surely Not),  Still Another Bullied 14-Year-Old Commits Suicide,  Guy Or a Girl? Issue a Sticky Wicket On Some Campuses, Spice and Chai […]

Bullying Problem On The Increase, Says Diversity Expert

Did You Know? Bullying among our youth is a significant problem–and it is steadily increasing. Many experts fear bullying has become so widespread and common, adults are blinded to its extensive harm. Here are the facts: It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other […]

Get Ready for Mix It Up at Lunch Day! Says Southern Poverty Law Center – (Great, Diversity Program For Schools)

Just got this email from the Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC. Plan now to participate in Mix It Up at Lunch Day, the national event that breaks down social barriers in schools. This year, Mix It Up is on Nov. 9. Teachers will be able to register their schools on the Mix It Up map […]