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Susan Klopfer, author The Plan Scheduled for July, 2013 Publication Medgar Evers, WW II veteran and former coordinator of the Mississippi NAACP who was murdered on June 12, 1963 at his Jackson home. June 12 (Cuenca, Ecuador) — An excerpted chapter from The Plan was released today by the eBook’s author, Susan Klopfer. “This […]

Bob Dylan, King of Folk, and Death of Emmett Till

The King of Folk, Bob Dylan (The Death of Emmett Till) The Death of Emmett Till. — Have you ever wondered what or who inspired Bob Dylan to write his song about Emmett Till? A friend, Jay  Mattsson of Fairfield, Iowa just sent me this post… Apparently Suze Rotolo, his girlfriend, told Dylan about the brutal […]

I almost got to be friends with Tom Hayden

1960s civil rights and anti-war activist, Tom Hayden (photo may be subject to copyright) Without heroes, we are all just plain people who don’t know how far we could go. Bernard Malamud I almost got to be friends with Tom Hayden. Someone recommended us as facebook friends but when I clicked to accept, I learned […]

Bob Dylan to Release Ninth Volume Bootleg Series; The Death of Emmett Till, Included

Rolling StoneBy Daniel KrepsAug 24, 2010 9:48 AM EDT Bob Dylan will release the ninth volume of his Bootleg Series on October 19th, he has announced, confirming recent rumors. This edition will be the first official collection of the Witmark Demos, 47 songs that Dylan recorded between 1962 and 1964 for his first two publishers, […]