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Land of Emmett Till ..

Mississippi civil rights activist Margaret Block watches her computer screen closely as young Florida college student Andrew Meyer is tasered by campus police. “How could anyone say he was resisting? He was holding a book under his arm and he never let go of it, as far as I can tell.” Block turns her attention […]

Emmett Till Marker Disappears in Greenwood, Mississippi

Mississippi officials said the historical roadside marker commemorating the Civil Rights-era death of Emmett Till has disappeared from U.S. 49 near Greenwood. The marker was placed near the highway as a tribute to Till. Here’s more … Also, more photos from the Land of Emmett Till —

Emmett Till; ‘Open Door to Horrid Truths’

Site of the 1955 trial Democratic presidential hopeful Chris Dodd takes a look at the Emmett Till bill for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution .. Fifty-two years ago, EmmettTill, a 14-year-old black boy, was beaten and shot to death for allegedly whistling at a white woman in segregated Mississippi. An all-white jury took 67 minutes to acquit […]

From the land of Emmett Till …

PETER HARDINTIMES-DISPATCH WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENTreports … WASHINGTON — Widows of two civil-rights activists slain in the 1960s appealed to Congress yesterday to help bring justice in scores of cold murder cases from that era. To do so, Myrlie Evers-Williams said, would aid surviving families and tell the nation “that these people’s lives were not in vain.” […]

LA Teachers Fired Over Emmett Till Lesson Fight Back

Teaching Till; Try This in an LA Charter School From the “Cool Justice Report” comes an amazing story … In March 2007, the administration of the Celerity Nascent Charter School in Los Angeles fired seventh grade teacher Marisol Alba and math teacher Sean Strauss for their participation in events planned for the school’s Black History […]