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Video Trailer on FBI Cold Cases


Excellent video trailer on the cold cases project. Today in the American South, scores of civil rights murders remain unsolved, uninvestigated, unprosecuted, and untold. Those two legacies of violence and silence still haunt the region and continue to damage race relations in the United States. Many histories have been written about the struggle for civil […]

Friends of Justice: Lend a Hand

Have you contributed to Friends of Justice? I just made a small donation via PayPal and ask that you consider helping this important organization, too. Friends of Justice is a nonprofit organization that works to uphold due process for all Americans. The organization’s goal is to build a public consensus behind equal access to justice […]

New Black History Book: Who Killed Emmett Till?

New Book Announcement: Who Killed Emmett Till?by Susan Klopfer What others are saying about Susan Klopfer’s civil rights books “Susan Klopfer, the leading authority on the historiy of the Mississippi civil rights movement … Thank God for enterprising historians like Susan Klopfer who have the courage to state the obvious.” Alan Bean, Ph.D., Friends of […]