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Share| ANNOUNCING THE CLINTON MOORE THRILLER SERIES Book One: The Plan (IN PRINT) Book Two: Gringolandia (SPRING, 2015) Book Three: Colonia (FALL, 2015) Book Four: Crespi (SPRING, 2016) ***Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Videos,  Recent Blog and Twitter Posts PLUS Scheduled Events are linked here. FREE AUDIOBOOK – Who Killed Emmett Till FREE ONLINE BOOK — Where […]



Share| Author, Speaker Susan Klopfer INVITE AUTHOR SUSAN KLOPFER to speak on — 2015: 60th Anniversary of the Murder of  Emmett Till? Who Was This Young Man, and Why Are We Still Talking About Him Today? Are There Legitimate Comparisons to Recent Shootings of Young Black Males, and the 1955 Murder of Emmett Till (The Answer […]

YOUR Links to Free Emmett Till Online EBOOK and AUDIOBOOK: Susan Klopfer

Hi: I love sharing my books and have made them two of them available online free. Please enjoy the read (OR THE LISTEN!), and of course I want to hear your questions and comments.Click on the links below.SUSAN KLOPFER, AUTHOR 1. WHO KILLED EMMETT TILL? Audio – Ebooks From Susan – CLICK HERE 2. WHERE […]