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Response to United States Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Decision by Long-Time Civil Rights Activist, Dr. John Salter

The late Aaron Henry, longtime Mississippi Voting  Rights and Civil Rights Activist speaks before a group at the University of Mississippi.(UM Photo) Dr. John Salter, aka Hunter Grey, who is a Civil Rights Veteran and Sociologist, was asked for his opinion on the recent Supremem Court decision over Voting Rights. Here’s his response:* * * […]

Ever Hear of the Mississippi Delta Blues?


Clarksdale, Mississippi Delta Blues Mural (Photo by Susan Klopfer) Ever hear of the Mississippi Delta Blues? I hadn’t, until I moved to the Delta several years ago. This mural appears in the town of Clarksdale today, reminiscent of the town’s early blues and civil rights history. One of my favorite Clarksdale residents was not a […]

A Mississippi Modern Civil Rights Movement Leader Tells His Story

(Sociologist, civil rights leader, historian and author Hunter Gray, tells a good story of how he landed in Jackson, Mississippi just as the modern civil rights movement was heating up. It’s a good story! Hunter — aka Hunter Bear, Dr. John Salter — was hired in the early 1060s as a sociology professor by small, private and […]

Former Employees Settle Race Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit in Arkansas

PRESS RELEASE4-18-12 Little Rock Real Estate Company Settles EEOC Race Discrimination and Retaliation Suit Bankers Asset Management Will Pay $600,000 for Excluding Blacks for Jobs and Punishing Employees for Complaining About Bias LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Bankers Asset Management, Inc., a real estate company in Little Rock, will pay $600,000 to former employees and a […]

Sanford, Florida Black Teen Gunned Down by Neighbor; Police Look Other Way

News ReleaseFor Information, ContactColorOfChange.orgMarch 19, 2012 Civil Rights Group Launches Campaign Urging the U.S. Department of Justice to Arrest Trayvon Martin’s killer and Investigate the Sanford Police Department March 19, 2012 New York, NY – Civil rights group today launched a campaign calling on the US Department of Justice to take over the case […]

Just put up a “history” of the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission (see Pages, at the left). Will be putting up some related links over the next few days. Here’s one — some “stats” gathered after the murder of Emmett Till, over Mississippi murders…|5|0|4|4|1|1|62031|#

New Mexico, Civil Rights Author Releases Internet ‘s “TOP 10” List of Emmett Till Books

Media ReleaseContact Susan Klopfer At right, A Chicago newspaper reports on the murder of young Emmett Till (may be subject to copyright)* * * * * (Gallup) — In observation of Black History Month and the upcoming 57th anniversary of Emmett Till’s murder in Mississippi on Aug. 28, civil rights author Susan Klopfer, has released […]

Jury selection begins Monday for a 45-year-old civil rights case in Alabama

Kathy Lohr of National Public Radio reports that Jury selection begins Monday for a 45-year-old civil rights case in Alabama. A former state trooper is charged with murder in the shooting death of Jimmie Lee Jackson, a black protester who was killed in 1965. Jackson’s death united civil rights leaders across the country and led […]

Status of Black US Males in “Crisis” New York Report States

(Buffalo News) The Council of Great City Schools today released a stark report detailing the status of young black males in the United States. “The nation’s young black males are in a state of crisis,” the authors write. “This report is likely to make people angry, and it should. We hope that this is a […]

Discrimination in Any Form is Wrong: Face the Truth Week Sponsored by Asian American Justice Group

From: Asian American Justice Center []Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 8:03 AMTo: Schrader, Crystal [ICRC]Subject: ERPA Action Alert for week of action It is time to tell your member of congress that discrimination in any form is wrong. As part of the “Face the Truth” week of action, community members are raising their voices to […]