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JFK Assassination Author, John Beviliqua, Thanks Colleagues For Research Efforts

John Bevilaqua, authorJFK – The Final Solution (Red Scares, White Power and Blue Death) Let’s hear it for the proverbial ‘Bull in the China Shop’, yours truly, without whose persistence, this entire JFK Conundrum could have gone on for yet another 50 years. And let us thank John Simkin for opening up this thread again […]

“I’m sorry” — Former KKK Supporter Elwin Wilson Says Before He Dies

KKK Doesn’t Go Away Who’s sorry now? Elwin Wilson has died at the age of 76, leaving behind a legacy of a man who was able to admit the error of his ways. Wilson was formerly a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan, which is frequently misspelled as Klu Klux Klan. During his affiliation with […]

Where the Southern Cross the Yellow Dog (W.C. Handy, Delta Blues)

Delta Blues, Photo by Susan Klopfer I actually found this famous Mississippi Delta Blues spot one day while driving around the Mississippi Delta doing research for my book, Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited.The story goes that bandleader W. C. Handy was waiting for a train at the Tutwiler railway station around the year […]

Why ethics and diversity matter: The case of Trayvon Martin coverage | Poynter.

This is a good article on the problems faced by mostly white media — it is dying through lack of diversity, as it should. No organization can remain un-diversified and survive. Business knows this, and the U.S. Supreme Court hears its message (something I find particularly interesting, coming from this conservative group). Any way… Take […]

Mississippi trial — back to square-1? (flawed case against Curtis Flowers goes on and on and on…)

A crumbling cover-up: Mississippi prosecutor hides the truth about his star witness Troubled prosecutor Doug Evans By Alan Bean, Friends of Justice If you want to understand just how flawed the case against Curtis Flowers is, consider the state’s failed conspiracy to conceal the sad truth about its star witness. The defense attorneys representing Curtis Flowers have […]

More Calls For Justice in Trayvon Martin Case; NOW Takes a Stand

Contact: Latoya Veal, 202-628-8669, ext. 116 NOW Calls for Justice in Trayvon Martin Case: Fire the Chief,Arrest the Shooter, and Repeal ‘Stand Your Ground’ LawsStatement of NOW President Terry O’Neill March 23, 2012 The National Organization for Women is shocked and saddened by the tragic death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the African-American teenager shot and killed […]

Trayvon Martin; Just an Ounce of Understanding

“If this was the 1960s, I would seriously be telling you off,” Margaret said, drawing deeply from her cigarette, and staring coldly at me. We didn’t go anywhere after 5 p.m. back then, and I still follow the same rule today.”   DO THOSE OF US who are not African American truly understand the intensity of […]

Dear Civil Rights and Social Justice News Readers: Just got a wonderful story passed on to me, via eMail, and I wanted to share it with you: A 50-something year old white woman arrived at her seat on a crowded flightand … immediately didn’t want the seat. The seat was next to a black man.Disgusted, […]

New civil rights book rife with “parallels, intersections and coincidence”

The Street Sweeper Elliot PerlmanRiverhead, $28.95 5 STARS “The Street Sweeper” tells the stories of two men whose lives would seem to have little to do with each other. Lamont Williams is an African American recently released from prison after serving six years for an armed robbery in which he was only tangentially involved. Adam […]

Occupied: a new organizer’s Bible could help the movement

The Occupy Movement, if it is to last, has serious issues regarding oranization. I would hope members pay heed to the following email that I have received from Hunter Bear, an experienced and well-known civil rights movement organizer. Hunter is most recently the author of Jackson, Mississippi (a true organizer’s Bible). Peace, Susan KlopferAuthor, Who […]