Build your list and readers will come!

I am always looking for ways to sell my books. List-building is a favorite.
What is list bulding? You offer something of value for free in exchange for an email address. You can set up auto-responders which are automatic emails that go out directing the person to more useful information.
This is permission marketing. You have given something to the person and in exchange asked permission to send them more useful information.
List building is NOT list-buying. It’s the growth of your own list over time in exchange for something of value.
Imagine how powerful it would be to build a list of 10,000 people who wanted your book. Then when you published it, you send out an email to your list and ask them to buy it on a certain day. If even one tenth of them do it, you could make the top Amazon spot for the day.
But how do you build such a list? There a many folks out on the Internet giving away advice on how to o this. Recently, I received information from Joanna Penn that seemed to resonate.

Joanna saysa that one of the best ways to get people to sign up is to give something valuable away for free. It could be
* A free chapter of your book or free short story
* Free audio interview with top tips for writing in your genre

* Mini ebook (like the Author 2.0 Blueprint) packed with
useful information

* Video series on your writing skills that you can share with

These are just some ideas that Joanna Penn writes about here –