Best Twitter Tips and Tactics For Selling Your Indie Books and eBooks Online

I’ve been trying out some new twitter tactics that I’ve learned from
Garin Kilpatrick, Twitter and social media expert, and from several other popular twitter gurus. And guess what? I am getting more activity and increased book sales. I wanted to pass on some of what I’ve been doing to you:


Mostly, I’ve learned, you get out of Twitter what you put in to it so invest time into networking and engaging on a daily basis and the good karma that you build will compound and come back to you in time!

First, know that Reciprocity is Key
Follow and you will be followed, 

This month, I went from a paltry 1,500 followers to over 4,000. Retweet and be retweeted, follow and be followed. Kilpatrick stresses that you have got to give in order to get, and the more time you are willing to invest in others the more likely they are to give you the time of day.
Reciprocity is a powerful concept and the main reason for my quick growth is that I have been following this advice – every day.Now that my network has grown to over four thousand followers I can’t let it get to my head. Afterall, many of you reading this blog post have far more followers than I do.
Meanwhile, I try to respond to everyone who is not a jerk who sends me an @mention, besides those who retweet me. I even respond to some of the jerks. This is key if you want to build a big brand and a strong network. Look at any Twitter giant, like Kilpatrick, and you will see that they have thousands and thousands of tweets and many are conversational. You’ve got to talk to people to really connect with them, it’s just that simple.
I am scheduling my BEST TWEETS. Are You?
Twitter traffic varies throughout the day, and throughout the week.Kilpatrick and other twitter gurus say the busiest time on Twitter is at the end of the work day, from 3 to 5pm. Weekdays are far busier than weekends, and Thursday and Friday are the busiest days of the week. If you have solid content tweet it out when it can have the greatest impact. That just makes good marketing sense!
Twitter Tools are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bacon
Kilpatrick makes the point that Twitter Tools really are critical.  From Hootsuite, to Manage Flitter, to special twitter marketing software  to TweetDeck (which just sold for $30 million), and the list goes on. By learning how Twitter Tools can work for you, you will give yourself a competitive advantage over millions of others who neglect these powerful tools.
Build Lists Liberally
These days people tend to pay more attention to the people who list them than the people who follow them. Some people recklessly auto-follow people, and this I do not recommend, but it still happens and these robotic follows devalue the action following someone.  To really get someone’s attention the best way is to talk to them, and listing is a powerful method as well.
This month, I will be creating lists for my different interests, for example I plan to build an Emmett Till list, a JFK assassination list, and indie fiction list..  I will tweet about my lists and there is a good chance that people will follow them.  If your list gains enough followers it will gain greater visibility in list directories like Listorious.
Engage with Twitter Community
This tip is straight from Internet social media guru Brian Solis, and it has worked exceptionally well.  Brian has a massive network at this point and yet he still responds to every comment on his blog and to comments on his Facebook walls and on Twitter.  This takes plenty of effort but it is the reason why Brian has so much influence.  
Add Value to Your Tweets
This point has been key to my success on Twitter, and my ability to achieve hundreds of retweets.  Even if you are not an avid content creator you can still add serious value by sharing awesome content.

In ;my case, I often reward new Followers and Retweeters with a free copy of my Emmett Till audiobook. 



Or I give my followers and retweeters a free online book. Here’s an example

Where Rebels Roost: Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited


Here’s what Kilpatrrick suggests: “Use Twitter Lists to create streams of people who share the best information and then share the best content that they share.  Browse the biggest blogs to find the best content and create lists of epic content.  The more value you are able to add the more people will people will realize that you are a valuable person to follow!”
Don’t “Sell” Your Book or eBook
Can you imagine walking into a room of people and saying, “Hi. My nae is Susan. I write books and I want you to buy them. Please buy my books.” People do this all of the time on social media. And actualy, I’ve had this experience, live, with new writers of books.
It is boring!!!
Everyone likes to buy things but no-one likes to be sold.  Twitter is a place to build relationships, and if you focus on doing that people will click your links and look for products that you have to offer.  Focus on the connections and the cash will flow.

You are Your Brand

I am thinking of wearing my new Panama hat everywhere that I go!
Leading twitter gurus say to resist the urge to use your profile picture as your avatar, and this month I am putting up something new~ I’ve been using my photo with a Trayvon Martin “T” overwritten in thee image. But I know that I have to change, so look for something new.
We do need to remind ourselves that we are our brand, so we must always act respectful, and this includes not spamming the twitterverse. It is usually suggested to weet about one tweet an hour, sometimes a little more, sometimes much less.  Conversational tweets don’t count, as they are only seen by people who are following both people tweeting.
Remember that Twitter is Very New
Twitter is still only about 5 years old and it’s only been mainstream for less than two.  This means that there are still epic developments to come.  By having knowledge about the latest and greatest tools and tips you will be ahead of the curve and you will be able to skyrocket your Twitter success. Keep reading this blog and I will keep sharing new information about twitter and other social media ways to help sell your books.

I want to hear your comments and ideas. What has worked for you?