Author Opening New Pinterest Board for Gringolandia.

Father Carlos Crespi of Cuenca, Ecuador

I enjoyed spending my Sunday building a new Pinterest board for Gringolandia. This week, I wrote the prologue and it opens with the story of Father Carlos Crespi, a fascinating priest who lived in Cuenca, Ecuador and known world-wide for his mysterious Amazon art collection.

You can read my prologue notes here  and I believe you will find this to be a wonderful piece of history.

So take a look at the new board. I will be adding new stuff every day as the writing moves along. What a fun way to share the writing process with you! Of course, I will enjoy your comments and questions.


P.S. If you don’t know, Gringolandia is the second book of the Civil Rights Mystery Sleuth series. First is The Plan, a book (available through most online bookstores including Amazon and Barnes and Noble) that starts in New York City, moves to the Mississippi Delta and ends up in Cuenca, Ecuador with a high speed car chase in the Andes. Visit my Pinterest board of The Plan HERE.’

P.P.S.S. If you enjoy Pinterest boards, I know that you will find the Mississippi Delta and the story of Emmett Till a fascinating piece of history. Here’s a link to the Emmett Till Mississippi Delta board!