Amazon Reviewer – The Emmett Till Book, and To Kill a Mockingbird

Emmett Till was murdered in the Mississippi Delta (outside of Drew, Miss.) in the hot summer of 1955. 60th anniversary occurs in 2015.

The Emmett Till Book reads like a great thriller, told with breathtaking detail…a must read

Emmett Till wasn’t just another child in the wrong place at the wrong time who ended up murdered. He was a 14 year old African American teenager from Chicago spending time in the South near the beginning of the civil rights movement. Born in Alabama and having grown up there to some extend, nearly 60 years later it still hurts me to believe what human can do to human in a world with so many other civilities. Our racial beliefs have forever crushed our prayers for human respect.
The Emmett Till Book by Susan Klopfer documents the murder and it’s aftermath of this Africa American child. Klopfer weaves an intriguing story of the hatred and lawlessness that existing during the 1950’s and beyond. It reads like a great thriller, told with breathtaking detail carefully constructed from court documents and other historical records, eye witness accounts, and news articles at the time. Even though it’s focuses on America during the mid 1900s, Emmett Till is a timeless tale that cuts open many more issues in the human experience than simply the brutal murder of a teenaged boy.
The Emmett Till Book is harder hitting than To Kill a Mockingbird and well worth the read. I highly recommend this powerful book.

By THMS on April 30, 2014

Format: Paperback