Susan Klopfer and her husband once lived on the grounds of Mississippi’s Parchman Penitentiary where Fred was the state’s chief of private prison psychologists. While there, Susan roamed the Delta, visiting older people in small cotton hamlets who’d lived through the modern civil rights movement (1955 to 1968). She became intrigued with this era, after learning new stories surrounding the murders of Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, Cleve McDowell, Birdia Keglar, Adlena Hamlett and others who were all key participants to bringing change in those turbulent years.

susan-klopfer-bioSusan later wrote The Emmett Till Book, Who Killed Emmett Till, and Where Rebels Roost: Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited (all nonfiction) before writing The Plan, her first foray into fiction. She describes her latest work as paranormal, historical, alternative fiction.

In 2012, Susan and Fred moved to Cuenca, Ecuador, where she investigated the alleged kidnapping and murder of Boris Weisfeiler, a Russian immigrant to the United States and a former math professor at Penn State University, as well as Colonia Dignidad, a torture camp in Chile. With a unique focus on remote viewing, this yet named book will be a sequel to The Plan, the first work in her Civil Rights Mystery Sleuth action adventure series.

On the morning of March 19, 2015, Margaret Susan Orr Klopfer passed away in her sleep at the age of 66.